Thursday, September 26, 2013

Renewed and more Travel Blogs coming soon


I've just renewed my url for another year.  It's almost sentimental.  I've not written much in the last 2 years and yet have continued paying the $10/year fee, still hopeful to be able to write again in the future...

The cost is negligible really, this blog has already paid for 20+ years of operation.  And while my focus is no longer in earning money to maintain this, it is still getting a few cents here and there, enough to drop $100 once a year and keep the site going for the future.

More Travel Blogs to come

I've always wanted to transform this blog into a full fledged Travel Blog.  It's really cool to be able to share travel stories and experiences - a two way conversation - not just about the places to visit (any travel website can tell you that!) but more the tastes, the sounds, the feelings all around the world.  The exhilaration from seeing awesome places, experiencing new and wonderful things, immersing yourself in different cultures is a different high.

Please do watch this space for new travel blog posts coming soon.  We are travelling around Europe on our Honeymoon Part 2!

And if you have a Travel Blog of your own, please leave a comment below so we can connect.

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