Friday, February 13, 2009

Talking Fish at the Manila Ocean Park

Photos from the Manila Ocean Park

Here are some photos from when I visited The Manila Ocean Park with my girlfriend for her birthday last year...

I found Nemo (in Manila!) - I knew it!

Creepy looking fishy eggs that sort of look more like lizards than fish...

I bet your eyes would be this red too if you had to sleep with them open. :p

I can talk to fish 'cause I'm a Pisces. :p

Happy Valentine's Day Liz. I love you!


  1. Hi there Boy,
    I hope Coffee Messiah sees your Nemo photo soon. CM didn't know who Nemo was.
    LOOK CM! This is the REAL thing.

  2. And your GF Liz is very lucky to have you. Pisces men are the BEST men.
    My own BF is a pisces.
    Happy V-Day to you both.

  3. Oh, I thought Nemo was someone in a film ; (

    Happy Birthday.....and I must take exception to the Pisces Men are the best ; (


  4. Thanks for the visit, Auntie and Coffee (ooh i made a quick rhyme right there!). Pisces men are the best, of course. Hehehe.

    I have no time to blog at the moment, but maybe next month I'll be back with a vengeance. hehe.

  5. Hi! Reyjr,
    What very beautiful and unique fishes!...Underwater?
    What very beautiful photographs...
    Thank-you! for sharing! your Thursday Theme...
    Darkcitydame ;-D

  6. Beautiful pictures...hope you enjoyed the the gf BDay! Loved this post... my girls loved the pics.

  7. Thanks Darkcitydame and Coachdad! Yes, we had a lot of fun looking at fishies.

    We also had a Doctor Fish session (like a foot spa where doctor fishies eat the dead skin off your feet). We were both ticklish so we were laughing so loud and trying to keep from taking our feet out of the water. :p

  8. been here i love the part wherein you'll get a chance to touch and play with the starfish hahaha lolz

  9. Hi Reyjr,

    My grandpa is Filipino, and so my mom raised us in the filipino way. Which is funny in a strange way because she has never been to the Phillipines or even speak the language. None of us do either. Grandpa never taught her because he said that in America everyone speaks english.

    Anyway I hope to see you again on Theme Thursday soon. I just joined on the Fish theme. It is a lot of fun and everyone is so nice.

    Take care and God Bless.

    PS..Grandpa taught me the worst word though. Starts with an "o".