Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's Ash Wednesday

When I was 13, I joined a TV quiz show representing my school. One of the questions were: What is the first day of Lent?

...I didn't know. :p
We lost but what the heck. I was 13 and I was on TV. lol.

Some funny things at the Ash Wednesday mass I attended over lunch break at work.

- When everybody stood up, there was this 6 foot tall intern standing in front of a lady colleague who was less than 5 feet tall. Poor lady couldn't see the priest!

- After we were all given ash crosses on our foreheads, a male colleague took out his handkerchief and began wiping his face and forehead, then suddenly exclaimed, "Ay! Nabura ko!(I erased it!)" hahaha...

- Then the Shutdown meeting snack later that day was siopao. (Bread with pork inside).(Note: Abstaining from pork during Lent is a Catholic practice.. in case you didn't get why it was funny! :p)

On a totally unrelated topic, here a creepy photo of the moon I took a couple of weeks ago when it was full...(click to enlarge)


  1. Mmmmmmm,
    Sounds yummy.
    Let's forgive the priest.

  2. Hi! Reyjr,
    What 2 very funny Lent story!...Wow!..That picture that you took of the moon is quite eerie!...It looks like an eyeball with a pupil in the center!
    Thanks, for sharing!
    Take care!
    Dcd ;-D

  3. Hi! again Reyjr,
    I hope that you don't mind me "saving" your pix of the moon.

    Oops!..I meant to say, 2 very funny Lent stories!
    Take Care!