Monday, May 25, 2009

12 dead in capsized boat en route to Puerto Galera

On my last post, I spoke about the weather being not so good before we left for Puerto Galera earlier this month. Then just last week, this happened. The boat we took was not overloaded, far from it, but still... it could've been us. I remember our boatman saying that our boat cannot sink because it's made of wood. True enough, but then again, the boat below did not sink either. In fact, it's still floating now.

Let's pray for the souls of the departed.

M/B Commando 6, a 12-ton, 21-meter outrigger boat capsized on May 23, Saturday off the coast of Batangas while on its way to Puerto Galera Beach. Coast guard officials estimate the boat's capacity at 42 passengers and 5 crew, however various reports of the actual number of passengers say the boat was overloaded by over 20 passengers.

The accounts of survivors explain that the weather was okay, but the waves were quite big, and so the tarpauline covers were pulled down to prevent the passengers from getting wet from the waves. When the right outrigger broke it caused the boat to tip over. Most of those who perished were trapped inside the upturned boat because of the tarpaulines.

As of this time, 12 people have been confirmed dead including 3 children (two 2-year olds and one 3-year old) and a Japanese national.

Survivors also talk of 2 vessels that passed by but did not stop to help, and had instead taken photos and videos of the tragedy.

Photo from Inquirer
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  2. I was appalled when I heard the news. It was the same boat which we took when we went to Galera.

    Too bad a lot of innocent people have to die because the operators' negligence.. tsk!

  3. grabe.. nakakatakot naman yan. kawawa naman ung mga tao. tsk. tas ung iba hindi man lang tumulong? tsk..

  4. @Homer - sorry I deleted your duplicate post! It was the same boat you used?! Whoa! I'd be freaked out if it was me.

    @chikletz - oo nga eh. nakakatakot isipin.

    @Marianna - Yeah. I pray for their souls. :(