Friday, May 08, 2009

Ako Mismo

What will you do? Make a pledge now. Visit

----edited 08-May-09----

First off, let's agree to disagree.

I've seen a lot of discussion on this, some quasi neutral like Now What, Cat, some quasi positive like Martin Perez and some negative like Bikoy.

So many what ifs, so little time.

Do I think this advocacy will change the world? Nope. Do I think it matters? Not really. It's like a New Year's resolution that you try to do for a few months, then you fall off the bandwagon...

But surely, if this sudden wave of Nationalism gets 5000 or 10000 people to the voter's registration, if for a few months more Filipinos will think there is hope for our country's Judicial system, if after watching the ad on TV, 20 policemen feel guilty for extorting money from motorists, or 10 Angel Locsin fans think it's cool be proud of your country... then I would call that a success.

Some are concerned about required info they gather on the site, well, whatever statistical info or "feel of the majority" they get from this campaign, let them get it. They've spent so much money for it they probably deserve it. Haha. A lot of other companies and groups get statistical info from numerous sources and for numerous reasons we do not know about! Who knows, maybe for this, they're going to use that information to further their cause and influence more Filipinos to do good for themselves.

Of course there's a LOT of money involved here, but MONEY is involved in everything. If this one generates money for them, then good for them. Congrats. Then maybe they can use that money to help others. Why shouldn't I think that? They're a charity org aren't they? I'm not worried if all of a sudden we find out it's backed up by a political group and will push for an agenda that we do not agree with. If that happens then I'll stop supporting them. No deal.

Their campaign appeals to the idealists in us, and as cynics always are, they do not comprehend how this can affect anything at all. But I think it already has.

In any case, I've registered and put my little pledge on that cute little space on their site.


  1. What a positive influence for good you are! Keep up the good work!

  2. Very interesting! I've noticed you are making yourself one of us over at The Wild Onion. So, I thought I might see if you would like to become one of the gang, and contribute to it's crazyness. If that sounds like something you would like to do, drop me an email and I can make it happen! Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. when i fist saw the ad i was amazed, amazed by the concept, the big stars that they use, and even the message AKO MISMO is very convicting.

    astig yung nag conceptualized ng ad. after ng commercial naisip ko na is it a PARTY LIST or they have plans to make it a PARTY LIST. some rumors tells that MANNY PANGILINAN who is one of the people behid the AKO MISMO movement has a plan of running in politics next year.

  4. hi rey,
    i couldn't download that link. maybe my computer is gettin' too old...

  5. thanks for the mention, reyvr.

  6. RMax - lol. I'm hardly a positive influence, haha! I like to focus on the positive, but that doesn't always work! :p

    Cece - left a comment on your blog!

    mik mik mik - hmmm???

    zebzeb - sabi ko nga sa post, la akong pakialam kung tumakbo si Manny Pangilinan next year. what i think is valuable for this campaign is how much good they can do (in the limited time) with all the hype they have created.

    auntie - it's on you tube! but it's in Filipino. lol.

    Hi Cat! - wow! thanks for the visit. appreciate it!

  7. thanks for the visit in my blog. You vote for me in what contest is that?hehehe...anyway whatever contest is that thanks a lot. deeply appreciate it. :)

  8. naks! songer ka pala ah.. gudlak ah..