Thursday, May 28, 2009

I won the lottery!!! ...i mean, IF

Over lunch today, the topic was the Lottery, or here in the Philippines, "Lotto." Or more specifically, what will you do if you win the lottery?

Most of the people in that table said they were going to resign, with much drama, packing their stuff in a box and lashing out at difficult bosses and officemates, slapping people with bundles of money to pay for loans (hehe), buying everything they want in the world...

So, I took a quick look at the Philippine Charity Sweepstake Office Website (because I was curious how much we are really talking about here) and found that the grand prize for today's draw for SuperLotto is a staggering Php 182,000,000.00 (or about $3.7 Million).

Holy ef! I never knew it was that much! Haha. (Seriously, this is the first time I checked...) Let's put things in perspective here... that much money can buy you either:

  • 10 of the 2009 Ferrari 599 cars (and still have enough gas money for a lifetime), or

  • One of these islands, or
  • Around 9,000 Google shares at $400 per share :D

Which brings me back to my first question:


Seriously, here's what I will do (aside from get married and have twins!)

  1. Try my best to keep it a secret from everyone other than my immediate family and loved ones (no, I won't blog about it, haha) because I want to be alive to enjoy all that money!
  2. Buy a corner lot on a busy street and put up a Kentucky Fried Chicken or Jollibee franchise
  3. Buy a beachfront property in Boracay and put up a resort/hotel (because I want to have a place to stay when I go there!)
  4. Take a month's leave (or two) from work and travel around Europe to visit friends (yep, I won't quit my job until my businesses are stable!)
  5. Take my Masters Degree in Business Administration
  6. Set up businesses (instead of give money) for all my family (so that they all have sustainable incomes!)
  7. Buy a condo unit in Alabang
  8. Get a bodyguard. (just in case!)
  9. Set-up a charity that helps children by keeping them off the streets and teaching them music.
  10. Build a new spa or wellness center. :D

These are just some of the thing I will do. Haha. How about you? What will you do? Reply in the comments section below or blog about this and link to this post!


  1. if i won:

    1. cabin in the mountains
    2. put away for the future
    3. build neighborhood parts in impoverished cities
    4. free food fridays for my buddies at the rescue mission

  2. if i won. i will buy the philippines. lols

  3. Well I've never won anything so the odds are in my favour! (Perhaps I should buy a Lotto ticket). I'd pay all my debts, give some to charity, buy a little house with a big garden, travel the world and give the rest to my kids. I like the idea of Brian's free food Friday's too!

  4. invest invest invest!!

    and get me a bodyguard also.

  5. Ibibili ko ng unan ang lahat ng mga batang natutulog sa kalye.

  6. @Brian - a cabin in the mountains seems nice! :D

    @Baino - lol. why not a big house with a big garden? and a butler too!

  7. @Hari ng Sablay - pare, anu gagawin mo pagkatapos mo bilhin ang Pinas? :p

    @chikletz - invest! :D hehe. gahaman tayo pareho sa pera. hahaha!

    @Mike Avenue - hambait mo naman. pero ba't unan lang? samahan mo na ng kumot! at kama!

  8. If I win the lotto, yes, I won't blog about it either.. But I will be having the following:

    1. a lot, 'coz I want the love of my life to design our house
    2. hire a contractor to build our house
    3. buy a car, a couple, so that there will always be something to use when it's coding, ha ha
    4. buy a franchise, probably yes, jollibee will do
    5. buy several farmlots in different provinces, but no, I won't develop it for real estate, I would be having it as farm, as is
    6. travel with my family around the philippines first
    7. yes, i won't quit my job, i would want to have the luxury of blogging all day while earning here at work, hee hee
    8. have my own business, a sari-sari store and a computer shop perhaps
    9. hmmm.. go to paris with the love of my life
    10. a whole lot more........ I have to really think about this one...

  9. @madz - great idea to buy 2 cars! haha.
    lol! blogging all day and all night? but what will you blog about? heheh.

  10. if i ever win a lotto jackpot, here’s what I will do:

    1) buy several rest houses in Baguio, Tagaytay, Antipolo, Batangas and Palawan (or i'll even buy (some) shares of the luxurious Amanpulo beach resort);

    2) and yep of course, cars and some real properties in (major) Metropolitan areas;

    3) a private cruise ship may suffice;

    3) several fine dining restos as my 'put-up' business;

    4) quit job and just be at home with my kid;

    5) save some for my kid’s (or kids’) schooling;

    6) travel a lot, maybe around Europe and in the Bahamas (with family)

    And of course, hindi naman ako super self-serving because I will:

    7) share some of my winnings to my other family members (even extended ones, and sige na nga some friends na rin :) ); and

    8) donate remainders to the least fortunate. :)

  11. ano kaba! gusto ko lahat nang gusto mo! hahah!

  12. Hehe. Great minds think alike?

  13. Easy peasy. I'd save a large chunk for retirement. The whole lot - yaya, labandera, caregiver, cook, emergency fund for health costs.

    I'd travel a lot. Old Europe. Paris, Rome, Athens, London. Madrid, Lisbon. I'd go to Texas and New York. Australia, too. And do some hiking in Micronesia.

    And I'd buy you a muzzle so when you try your hand your hand at flash fiction you'd least likely to finish off the main character's big toe. Ahahaha. Love the ending you wrote to George's flash fiction. Fascinating O. Henry twist there. :)

  14. Absolutely awesome Rey. If you do won the lottery, be advised that there is a distant friend here waiting to "pamper" you with everything you need, lol. If I do win, to be honest not quite sure yet. First thing though will be to deposit it in several banks (you know the egg in the basket thing), negotiate some serious interest rates and then, start the spending or investing. Maybe, I'll buy the island up there and invite you as my partner. How's that sound:)

  15. Interesting question, Rey. Let me answer, para merong propensity to win....he he he..kelangan daw expect mo to win....ang problema di pa ako bumibili ng lotto, Kaya kelangan bumili din. But if I won, I would.

    1. Make a time deposit of at least a million.
    2. buy a house , or build a house on a hill or mountain with lots of trees and a wide wide garden, (perhaps 1 hectar? lol) with all the amenities of a city house, para kahit ako lang magisa sa bundok, andun na lahat ang kelangan ko. I won't forget a helipad for a small plane or helicopter , in case of emergencies.
    3. Buy vacation houses in all prime tourist spots.
    4. buy my children and relatives one car each. Innova sa akin, okay na, and set up a viable business for each of them.
    5. build a house for street children and create a business for the caretakers para self-sustained siya and they won't have to worry for the sustainability.
    6. and yes, travel around the world through my private plane.
    7. buy a franchise, KFC or Jollibee (pareho tayo, huh?) One in every major city.
    8.Publish all my books.

    okay na ako dito. lol....