Thursday, October 01, 2009

Share your Ondoy Story to help the Nation Heal

The victims of the ravaging flood brought about by typhoon Ondoy are in dire need of the basic necessities: food, clothes, shelter. Please send your donations to these addresses.

I am not a psychologist, but I do know that talking about your traumatic experiences helps you cope with the emotions, knowing that your experiences are shared my many others gives you a sense of assurance that things will get better.

Where were you when...

I encourage you to talk about your story, here, on your blogs or with friends and family: share how you lost and how you survived, share your frustrations, vent your anger, release it and learn from it, let's give suggestions to each other about what to do next time or how to build safety in our lives...

Group Therapy

Let's make this a group therapy session of sorts. Let's help each other heal from this and go forward as better people and as a better nation.

Here is a reading list of stories from and about tropical storm Ondoy victims and survivors. You are most welcome to link your own personal stories here, just leave a comment and I will add you to the list. I will go around the web and look for more.

Yes, I want to read your stories too.

Ondoy Victims and Survivors - Stories on the Web

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Thank you for sharing your stories.
If you have an Ondoy post, leave a message, a link or send me an email at so I can link you here.

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