Monday, February 22, 2010

Remembering Paris

I was in Paris, France in November of 2004.

I remember the weather was nice despite it being so cold - I wasn't used to 7degC-at-noon days.  I remember the long French bread that sticks out of the paper bags of grocers, and the wonderful cobblestone roads.

I remember we stayed at probably the best aparment Paris can offer - not because it was extravagant or anything of the sort, but because it was with a very accommodating French lady lawyer called Marie. She was our gracious host during our stay in Paris.

If you're interested in finding places to stay in Paris, check these out too apartment cannes and apartment venice. Venice, of course is in Italy, and will be the topic of another post!

Six layers of clothes

I remember getting coffee at a French coffee shop while waiting for our hosts to arrive. At that time, it felt like I splurged on my coffee cup haha.

I remember wearing 6 layers of clothes because I didn't have any "winter clothes" and it didn't make sense to buy some - we were going back in Manila in a couple of weeks after that. I wore 2 shirts, 2 sweaters and 2 jackets. :)

I remember taking a shower and almost screaming at the cold as soon as I turned the hot shower off. I seriously had to turn the shower back on...

Pinoy in Paris

I remember the feeling I had when I first saw the Eiffel Tower. I was giddy with excitement and I couldn't understand why.  :p We didn't get a chance to go up the tower though - the line was really REALLY long, and we needed to go and cover more ground because we had limited time.

I remember I wanted to have my photo taken touching one of the legs of the tower but before we could take the photo, a French policeman asked us to leave the area. :p

I remember standing on an island in the middle of two busy streets just to get this photo of the Arc de Triomph. Haha! You can see a truck on the right side of the photo. :p

The Arc was under rehabilitation at the time, that's why part of it was covered.

I remember wanting to burst into song at the sight of the Notre Dame Church, and wondering if they really had a Quasimodo ringing the bells. Lol!

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  1. Six layers of clothes... you almost screamed while taking a bath. What held you back? You need to vocalize first before letting out that blood curdling scream? LOL

    Trivia question: Did you fall in love while in Paris?

  2. Nice photos, Rey! Mine are kind of embarassing now because of some of my clothes and my fat face! Hahahaha, but yeah I had some great memories of Paris. More tour stories!

  3. I soo wanted to be there too Rey. It always reminds me of "If Only" movie. And I don't know why :P

  4. Ang lamig naman, I can't stand very cold temperatures...brrrr....kahit Baguio lang ... masarap pa rin ang temperate it would be good to visit Paris someday. The most romantic city.

  5. Haha! I didn't want them to panic and think I was in trouble in the bathroom - they might tear down the door and just see me standing naked under the shower. hahaha!

    What a question! Haha. The answer is I was already in love before I went to Paris. Ayihee!

  6. What is that movie about? Remind me!

  7. Hi Mam @Jenaisle - it really is a romantic city with all the flowers, the fountains and the parks. Even the air seemed different there.

    Unfortunately for me, Liz wasn't with me when I was there. She was in Manila working. :p Bummer. :p

  8. It was a movie of Jennifer Love Hewitt. I don't remember the guy. It's
    just a story of giving love a second chance to correct the things that you
    have done wrong :)

  9. Bata ka pang tingnan diyan!

    Naks naman... Hay! Gusto kong makapunta diyan!

  10. Hahaha, mukha bang bata? That was 5 years ago wow! I did not realize it was that long ago...
    Gusto ko nga din makabalik doon. :D

  11. ang saraaap. dream destination ko ang paris. (sulat na ko sa wish ko lang)

  12. Haha kumusta ka na pare? OK na ba lahat at naka recover na ng maasyos sa Ondoy? :D

    Sulat ka sa wish ko lang, ako din susulat at gusto ko makabalik doon. :D Sana hindi nila tayo kantahan ng... "Mangarap kaaaa! Mangarap ka..."

  13. The bracelet from the movie If Only. It had the embellishment of the
    different things that would remind of their quality time together. It was
    really a nice movie, with a nice OST :) - Love Will Show You Everything.

  14. Better watch in Rey. It was a good movie :) It made me cry! And I soooo
    LOVE the bracelet!

  15. i have never been to europe yet but i'd like to!

  16. It's a wonderful place floreta. I would definitely recommend for you to go visit. :)