Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Imagine yourself on a Luxury Cruise Ship...

Imagine yourself on a 10-day luxury Caribbean cruise...

You saved up all year for this, and now you're walking up the ramp to go on board - it's your first time and you're feeling a bit shy, but attempting to look confident. A gentleman in a dark suit greets you, "Welcome, Sir!" and hands you a glass of champagne. With a bubbly in one hand and your sunglasses in the other, you smile - the trip is off to a great start...

The cruise ship is enthralling, from the sparkling swimming pools and jacuzzi, the extraordinary array of restaurants and bars, with an outdoor theater even, all on top of the breathtaking view of the ocean - the bright summer sun and the salty sea air. Everything seemed perfect except for one thing - you haven't met her yet.

You change into your swimming clothes, all those hours spent in the gym had paid off. You are excited to meet her, but where could she be?  "Will I meet her during dinner? Will I meet her on the island? I don't care, as long as it's soon.", you whisper to yourself.

And so you waited at the poolside and watched a family try the slides one by one.  You wondered if the old couple sunbathing would eventually turn into dark prunes, and took note of the lounge singer sipping her ripe mango shake to cool off. "Is it her?", you wondered. She stood up and walked towards you, then abruptly stopped then took her vibrating phone out of her pocket. "Hi sweety! How's my little angel?", she said to her phone...

It's the second day, en route to Barbados now, it was just after sunset and the sky was ablaze, a bright orange fire. You've made friends with a bunch of Texans on vacation and you're meeting them at the club.  As you entered the club, you could feel the music in your chest. It was drowning the thumping of your own heart.  Nervous but determined - you will find her tonight, but where could she be?

After a couple of hours and some shots of Patrón, you were sitting on a bar stool looking into the crowd when you saw her. It was her - swaying in slow motion to the music, her long wavy hair seemed like it was floating, her exquisite lips opened slightly as she sang with the crowd, "Hoo! hoo! That tonight's gonna be a good night..." Her eyes opened and she saw you staring at her.  You averted your gaze out of modesty, but when you slowly looked again, she was looking at you with a slight smile.

"Tonight's gonna be a good night, alright.", you said to yourself as you made your way onto the dance floor...

...OK now snap out of it, and go buy yourself tickets for the next cruise. ;)

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  1. Jack, that's a lovely account. But where's Rose? Hala! Ahehehe

  2. Have you heard this one: Rose (freezing in the water): "There's a goat, Jack! There's a goat! Kambing! Kambing!"

    tee hee hee!

  3. Would definitely check this out Rey. I myself am probably deserving not only 10 but 20 day cruise, lol. Thanks bud for the heads up

  4. Okay, while reading this Rey, I am imagining myself as the first character, oh my, LOL!

    It was a great night isn't it?

  5. Hmmm... hala! Tapos sino ang mami meet mo? Hala lagot!

  6. Ha ha, no one. I'm still straight. Pang-male ang first character mo :P

  7. Good friends have that ability to laugh the hardest, slap their thighs in
    perfect glee even when they hear bewhiskered jokes. Ahehehe. No, I'm just
    teasing you. First time I heard of that.

  8. Mismo. Ahehehe. And this is the best part about Disqus, I can reply to you
    right in my inbox. But of course Ziggy will not like it. I'm counting
    though on other readers to take their turns feeding him. :)

    I'm thinking of sending some people who don't like Disqus on a romantic
    cruise to improve their humor. Destination? To Antartica. Ahehehe. Holly
    isn't exactly in love with Disqus but at least she gives it a shot because
    of her friends. Yey!

  9. Ziggy was looking at me funny today, probably because I havent fed him in a week. :p hhehehe!

    Way to go Holly! The others I guess I will not see them around here in the near future. Hehehe. Darn it, that's one reader lost due to disqus allergus. :p