Monday, August 23, 2010

Duìbùqǐ - I am sorry

Duìbùqǐ ("I am sorry") - to the families of those who were hurt and killed in today's hostage taking near Quirino Grandstand in Manila by ex-Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza. - @Reyjrdotcom

I am sorry that you had to watch your fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts or uncles be taken hostage on a Tourist bus by a heavily armed ex-policeman. 

I am sorry that you had to watch the hostage negotiations suddenly become compromised by the crude mishandling of the situation by the people in charge.

I am sorry you had to watch the appalling display of incompetence - the repeated futile attempts to open a bus door, and count how many times the policemen dropped the ax while trying to break through the windshield. And that you had to watch Vice Mayor Isko Moreno go on CNN and say that he was proud of the way the PNP performed here today.

I am sorry you had to see every single move of the Philippine National Police (PNP) narrated by ABS-CBN even with the suspicion that the hostage taker had a television on the bus.

I am sorry that you had to see the throng of people wanting to get a peek at the lifeless body of Rolando Mendoza and crowding the survivors and disrespecting your dead.

I have no other words, and none to comfort those who lost their loved ones here. They came to my country as tourists on a holiday - but go home in caskets.

Duìbùqǐ. I am sorry.

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