Monday, December 20, 2010

Isaw Philosophications


What can I say? Sometimes there are just things that take a hold of us - a thought, a concept, an idea - and sometimes an idea is grand and defines your life by the choices you make because of this idea, but often it is a simple idea, mundane even.

Even so, this idea captures us and it seems we cannot force ourselves to take any other option.

Well, since I am really not in the mood for fantastic philosophications, let's forgo the former and talk about the latter.

Here's one idea I can't seem to shake off.  Tell me, do you have the same thoughts and feelings about this idea? I'd love to hear what you think...

Isaw Philosophications

Do you like "isaw"?  Taste-wise, I think I do too. I've had it before a few times. But then I looked at it again and realized something that struck me, and it stuck with me so tightly that I never could voluntarily eat "isaw" again...

 You see, "isaw" is chicken intestines - it is a famous Filipino "snack" or street food, and it is sold in many a sidewalk, the best ones (arguably) are from the university I went to.  It is so popular there that there would always be a crowd UP scholars hanging around and masticating away after dunking some poor fowl's grilled intestines in a jar of vinegar and onions.

The fact that it was chicken intestines did not really bother me that much before. But the idea that chicken shit poop (fine, fine it's digested food) would still be inside the intestines? That I found quite revolting.  The idea consumed me so much I could no longer consume any "isaw".


Over to you now. Any ideas or concepts you simply cannot let go?

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