Friday, December 31, 2010 Blogging in 2010 - and onwards to 2011

This is my first ever year-end blogging recap, a tradition a lot of bloggers do annually. I do realize it is important to always take a step back and look at what has happened in the year that has passed - remember the bad with the good, learn from mistakes and grow because of them.

I also think it is important to have a plan at the beginning of the year. The plan may not be as clear-cut or complete, but at least there is a something to measure your progress against. That way you can gauge if you did better or worse - and reward or adjust accordingly. Here we go then...

By the Numbers - Blogging in 2010 Year in Review

I made 92 blog posts in 2010, 93 including this one. That's 57 posts less than last year when I posted a record 150 posts to jump-start my return to blogging. 2010 was simply a much busier year for me in general, and so it allowed me lesser time to blog. 

Despite the lesser posts though, according to, received around 71,500 hits this year compared to 31,000 last year - that means it averaged almost 6,000 hits per month in 2010 compared to 1,400 per month in 2009. On a daily basis, it means received about 195 hits per day, although there are still days when there are only 30 hits or less.

Notable and Memorable 2010 Blog Posts

  • This year, I began a series called "Earning 10 in 2010" which tracked my earnings online via and my Twitter account on a monthly basis. I was a successful run, I would say, despite the limited posts and traffic, I managed to surpass my 2010 earnings target by a mile.  I have decided to end it this year with my December 2010 Online Earnings update to be published in January 2011.
  • still doesn't have a niche although I had wanted to go the Travel Blog route, but couldn't really just stick to Travel as a singular topic. I did post several Travel blogs this year - some new destinations, some nostalgic posts reminiscing about my past adventures - the stories transported us to Ilocos Norte, Pampanga, and Batangas, and to countries like Thailand, Singapore and France. I also wrote about our memorable Parasailing turn in Boracay!

What's in store for 2011?

In 2011, I am planning to post more but expecting to earn less as I will be turning into the personal blog it was originally intended to be. Watch out folks, it's going to get personal. Hehe.

Why the change? I am surprised sometimes when I find out who actually reads my content, so now I've taken to developing and harnessing this voice that I have been granted. I feel it becomes a waste if I don't.

Another important aspect of blogging I want to accomplish is to create the " brand" - what that brand should be, I am still not sure, but I intend to discover it in 2011! 

Here are some blog posts you should watch out for in 2011:

  1. The final "Earning 10 in 2010" post in January 2011
  2. More Travel Blog posts - Hawaii, Salzburg, Vienna, Dubai, Oman, and many more.
  3. My 2011 Self Indulgent Birthday Blog Post in March (Hahaha!)
  4. A big announcement - something I want to tell the whole world about! Soon!

I am excited to begin another blogging year, and am hopeful you will all join me in my adventures!  Please don't forget to subscribe via any of the following:

Mabuhay kayong lahat! Happy New Year everyone! :D

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