Monday, June 13, 2011

The Uber Prestigious Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2011

Last year, six out of my Top Ten EIB choices landed on the winners list. This time around, I enter the writing project (now on its 5th year) much like my first time in 2009 - not knowing any newbies and eager to discover some really interesting blogs. I'm hoping to get to know some new bloggers in the process as well. :)

How do you choose your Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs?

I was asked before how I choose the Blogs I put on this list, and this was I how I responded:
"(In choosing my EIB Top 10) I'm more subjective than objective. I vote for the blogs that I personally find "influences" me to comment, to engage, to react - blogs that surprise me in their candor, their wit; blogs that showcase talent, mad skills in whatever field they are in, so much so that they have quickly developed a large following - I would include those who, despite not yet having a large following, I feel have the good potential to."
"Finally, I would say, I will choose those blogs I am comfortable recommending to my friends and readers...this is my personal blog and I wouldn't want to give a recommendation for a blog I didn't believe in!"
My criteria of sorts do not change much, but who knows, right? I'd love to be surprised.

Emerging Influential Blogs 2011

Here are my Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011...
1. (For the Love of Food) - I know Mhel via our co-FB-group Admin activities on Pinoy Bloggers, and so hers was one of the first blogs I visited when I began scouting for new blogs to include in my list this year. I must say, I was rather impressed at how far the blog has gone in such a short time. Plus there's a soft spot somewhere inside me for a sibling shared blog. (I have 2 sisters who are both abroad!)

2. Your Blog Here
3. Your Blog Here
4. Your Blog Here
5. Your Blog Here
6. Your Blog Here
7. Your Blog Here
8. Your Blog Here
9. Your Blog Here
10. Your Blog Here

You can Join EIB2011 too

Who can join? You can join! Any blogger in the world can join, but you can have only one entry per blogger. The blog or website owner profile and e-mail must be accessible or visible online, and the blog must be at least 3 months old.

For more details about this writing project click: Join the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011 Writing Project


  1. sanay may bakante para sa akin lol...

  2. Pede kayang manominate ang DAM Nation this year? HAHA. My blog was hacked last year April 2010 and I had to put up a new DAM Nation by May 2010. Hehe. Just a thought. Kaso may mga nag nominate na sakin last year. :P

  3. Wee! Rey, pwede ba ako dyan? Teehee =)
    kaso ka-tense yung word na 'influential' haha! =)

  4. Wow, andami pang bakanteng slots sa list mo *evil grin*. Baka pwede ako sa list mo, influential ata blog ko somehow :) and pasok sya sa requirements (wala pang 1 year at insightful + high-utility content). 

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