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The Uber Prestigious Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2010

What the Emerging Influential Bloggers Writing Project did for me

Last year, I met a lot of my now good friends via this annual "writing project" that awards new and emerging influential blogs making an impact in the Blogosphere. Several of them went on to be recognized as the most influential emerging bloggers of 2009. :)

A few weeks after that, I was invited to join - a group food blog and one of the awardees as well.

The Emerging Influential Blogs Writing Project is now on its 4th Year, and if you are a newbie blogger, I would most definitely encourage you to participate. :) It has helped me ease into the uncharted Philippine blogging territories and am happy to declare now that I am, indeed, a Blogger. :p woot!

So, which blogs do I think are the most Influential Emerging Blogs for 2010...?

The Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010

Here are the blogs I think are emerging influential blogs of 2010:
  1. When in Manila - I met Vince Golanco, Editor-in-Chief / Creative Director of When In Manila at a Bloggers Event at Marriott Hotel a few months ago. He was a cool guy, very outgoing and engaging - and this translates nicely onto his blogs. I've seen not a few of his video clips, including his awesome interview with Jojo (the singer), and who could forget that talk he gave during iBlog6?
  2. The Creative Dork - This blog is really new - and yet I feel that it has a clear direction, and will go a long way in the Philippine blogosphere. Robbie, the blog's author, is an uber creative dude, witty and humorous, and he creates these hilarious comic strips fit for publication on a broadsheet. Plus, I'd love to win one of his custom caricatures! woot!
  3. NomNom Club - With an awesome new blogosphere mascot, a Google PR4, a growing fan base, numerous contests with amazing prizes - and don't forget the gastronomical delights - all in less than a year! (Plus, the author is a fellow Isko. Hehe!)
  4. - Every single time I visit this blog I laugh out loud - not just writing down LOL with 3 exclamation points, but literally as in reverberating through the hallways of my building...
  5. The Blogging Advertiser - Well thought out posts, an engaging and neutral tone, and fresh concepts from an Advertiser by profession. Didi Paterno merges Blogging and Advertising concepts seamlessly, two fields eternally intertwined, and she even teaches us bloggers a thing or two about Advertising.
  6. Sex and Sensibilities - No, I don't want the Filipinos to be more promiscuous. I am voting for this blog because I think Filipinos should learn about reproductive health including how to protect themselves from diseases. It starts by opening the topic for discussion.
  7. Paolodome Edge HD - Paolo is a kid who is passionate about blogging, and I am nominating his "blogdome" because I believe bloggers should be able to express themselves on theirs blogs freely. He sums it up on his about page - "I choose to bare all my identity on the web Because I want this blog to be as true and as transparent as possible."
  8. The Reluctant Stylista - What dude doesn't want to see a girl all made up and looking nice? I'll say - encourage them! Hehehe.
  9. Fat Girl No More - I saw the first season of "The Biggest Loser" a few years ago and was really moved by the journey the participants on that show took. A whole lot of us can relate to this - dieting, exercising, everything to lose weight. But it takes courage to bring that out on to the web. I am nominating Ria's blog because it helps inspire us to face that challenge.
  10. WAHMaholic - I stumbled upon Kaye's blog via her post about one of my blogger friends and found her writing witty and light. I liked her candor and sense of humor and always brought a smile to my face when she visited my blog. ;)

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For more details about this writing project click: Influential Blogger by Janette Toral: Join the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 Writing Project

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