Saturday, January 28, 2012

Change my world

This is my first proper post for 2012, and my first "diary type" post in quite a while. There has been a lot of changes going on in my life and none of them minor...

We got married!

Reyjr and Liz got married!

I got married to Liz, my beautiful girlfriend of 8 years and 9 months in an intimate ceremony at the Santuario de San Antonio Parish in Forbes Park, Makati City on December 29, 2011. We had our reception at the luxurious Marriott Hotel Manila. In a way of thanking our family, friends and suppliers for making our Wedding Day so completely awesome, I will be doing a series of posts to remember our preparations, our photoshoots and fittings, the wedding and the reception, and of course, our Honeymoon in Miniloc Island, El Nido. Hopefully Liz and I can give you ideas for when you prepare for your special day, or even give a tip or two about the wedding.

I've changed jobs!

For some people I suppose, leaving for another company is easy, for some it is not even a choice granted, for me the choice was bittersweet.

I feel my decision to move was great for my development as an Engineer in a global industry, working side by side (literally) with people from all over the world. But I do feel sad to be leaving behind a lot of unfinished tasks, a lot of relationships built over the last 5 years...

Nevertheless, I am looking forward to new tasks, new lessons, and new, hopefully lasting relationships.

I've moved to Australia!

Happy Australia Day!

The 3rd big change for me this year is, with my move to a new company, I've also moved to a new country.

I've been living in Perth, Western Australia for the past 3 weeks, getting used to right-hand driving, sandwich lunches, and the Australian accent. My wife is not yet here with me, but will soon follow. :D

I think because millions of Filipinos go abroad, we tend to dismiss it as an easy thing to do. Sure, I suppose it does become easier over time, but really the first few weeks abroad are not. Aside from the obvious missing the company of your loved ones and friends, there are so many other things you realize you miss, mostly about the familiarity of everything and anything. Like for example, I miss that I know where all the good restaurants are in my city, or where to get the best crabs in town.

There is, of course, that excitement to learn about this new place, finding out where to get my groceries and where the best bargain clothes are, how to pay for street parking or get gas for my car, which bus to take to wherever or which route doesn't have much traffic even during rush hour, etc.

So while I'm still getting over the fact that they don't have unlimited gravy at KFC here, among other things I'm missing terribly, I will focus on learning something new everyday about this new city. I've been walking up and down the streets after work, familiarizing myself with the smells and sounds of Perth. Soon everything will be as familiar as it was back home, and hopefully that makes everything else much easier.

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