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Hello and welcome to my Travel Blog Log! This page contains a links list to all my Travel Posts.  Please do share your own travel experiences here, it would be awesome to share travel stories with you all.

Clark Air Base, Pampanga


Disneyland, California

Western Australia
  • Swan Valley, Perth
  • Swan River, Perth
  • Margaret River
  • Karratha
  • Exmouth
  • Melbourne
North America
United States of America

Singapore Night Safari


Munzenberg Castle, Germany
  • France
  • Monaco (2013)
  • Germany
  • Italy
    • Milan
    • Arezzo
    • Assisi
    • Cascine San Pietro
    • Verona
    • Casarsa
    • Venice
    • Sicily
    • Florence (2013)
    • Rome (2013)
  • Vatican City (2013)
  • Switzerland
    • Lucerne (2013)
    • Bern (2013)
    • Basel (2013)
  • The Netherlands
    • Amsterdam (2013)
    • Rotterdam (2013)
  • Belgium
    • Brugges (2013)
    • Brussels (2013)
  • Spain
    • Barcelona
  • Sweden
    • Helsingborg
  • Denmark
    • Copenhagen
  • Norway
    • Oslo
  • United Kingdom
  • Austria
    • Vienna
    • Salzburg
En route to Paris

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  1. uh-oh, what a travel... and a feat!:):) you've been to Cagayan (Cagayan River)? saan dun?

  2. ah, i know that place, 'been there many times 'coz my family lives in a nearby province - Isabela (i.e. Ilagan).:)

    enjoy travelling! more places to go...:)

  3. Just like your travels, I ended up visiting this blog by clicking here and there. I am impressed. It is also my dream to see the world. Nice blog and will be visiting again.

  4. Hey babycakes, if you want to be a part of The Wild Onion, then you need to shoot me an email. It's posted on my profile.

  5. wow. thanks for sharing them. Idol kita dude. Balang araw ako rin lilibutin ang buong mundo!

  6. Hi Brian! Haha. Not enough! More! More!

  7. Hi fren! - I have family who live beside the river in the town of Lal-lo. :D

  8. Hi fren! Wow talaga? We used to swim in the Cagayan river when we visited before, and make mudslides on the cliff straight into the river. :)

  9. @jonathan - hope to see you here again soon then!

  10. @Tess Marie - sure! I love Boracay and will definitely visit you site.

  11. @sweetham - tama! mga travel adik! :D

  12. @Nessa - not enough hehe. I want to see Australia, New Zealand, Greece, South American, South Africa, Egypt, Hungary, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, and so many other places. :D

  13. Hi Andrew! Not yet, but I would love to. The beach is a great place to relax
    and unwind. Do you live in Bali?

  14. wow.. you have been visited many place in earth...

    but, have you visited bali before??

    it`s nice place to enjoy the night (:

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  16. this blog is just one of the numerous post i read about travel, and its like im having to hunch of why not give it a try...

  17. Why not? Go ahead and write your first one. :)

  18. Rey! I didn't know about this huh!! Kainggit ka naman! Eeekk! Makapagsinger na nga rin!

  19. Well, I think you have completed your world tour but how could you miss India. I think you should come to India once. You will love it...I bet.

  20. hehehe..Yes such problem in being your tour guide. Just to let you know India is a very big and so if you really want to explore it in a better way then make sure you are here on a big break. Hope you will. bty, glad to know that your friend is getting married to an Indian..lucky fellow..hehehe ;)

    Well, apart from Taj Mahal there are many more places to be explored. Well, it would take hours to write everything. You can visit this link to know more -

    Hoping to see you soon in India. Till then keep smiling and keep in touch. Happy Blogging :)

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