Friday, June 26, 2009

Short Signatures for your BlackBerry emails

I was inspired by a quick rhyming snippet from a friend's email signature sent via BlackBerry, she wrote:

"Apologies for the brevity - this was sent on a BlackBerry"

So c'mon! Do away with the boring "Sent via BlackBerry" generic signature, and make a new signature today! Hehe. So here are few of my own suggestions for use as your Black Berry email signature. I don't have a BlackBerry myself, but am welcome to receiving one as a gift. Here goes...

1. The same message above in Haiku form:

"My apologies
for the brevity, 'tis sent
via BlackBerry!"

2. For the people on the go: "In my office, I am not. From my BlackBerry this was shot."
3. This one's a bit long.. but what the heck. If you're into Shakespear maybe?

"I shall never dare be late, answering thine mail, post haste!
So from mine fine BlackBerry, I have sent this note to thee!"

4. If you don't like work emails to follow you: "Since I got this BlackBerry, emails keep on following me!"

5. If you like hip-hop: "Sent ya this 'mail foo! From mah BB, cool!"

6. If you're a sweet little farmgirl: "Short and sweet from my BlackBerry, Lots of love from my cow, Bessy!"

7. If you're Pinoy: "Galing sa Maitim-na-Ubas, sagot ko'y maikli man ngunit makatas." wahaha! (Direct translation: "Coming from my BlackBerry, my answer is brief but juicy")
Come up with your own and post it in the comments section below! Haha!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"I miss those lovely days of..."

"Good day sunlight, I'd like to say how truly bright you are..."

Summer ended early in the Philippines this year. Too early! It was only the beginning of May when the first typhoon arrived and a storm warning signal was declared over parts of the Philippines. Now as I type this post, typhoon Feria (local name) is raging outside my window...

Next week it will be July. That means hoping for a bright sun shiny day is over, summer has lost to rain. This battle is now over. Soon the rains will completely take over: the skies will be dark for most of the day, the stars at night hidden by the dark clouds.

"You don't know me, but I know you, see, you're my favorite star..."

I miss the summer, when the sun is out and up. I miss the beach at summertime, when the sand and the water is warm and the nights a cool respite. I miss having ice cream and halo-halo to cool off. I miss not needing to bring an umbrella every time I leave the house (I keep losing it :p). I miss not having muddy floors to wipe. I miss jogging at sunset.

"..who needs shelter from the sun? Nothing, no, not anyone..."

What do you miss most about the summer?

Quotations are lyrics from "Who Needs Shelter" by Jason Mraz. If you like Jason Mraz, here's his blog, "Freshness Factor Five Thousand"

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When I used to sing

"...biyayang bigay na galing sa Diyos..."
I stumbled upon this youtube "video" of a recording of a song I did way back when i was still in the University. It's called "Lagi na Lang" ("As Always") and was written and composed by Pastor Norman Dagdag, Drums, Acoustic Taylor guitar, and sound engineering by Mr. Ike Heredia, Mixed and Recorded @ STUDIO 7 Grand Villas, Quezon City.

Lead vocals and back-up vocals by your truly. :D
This was 2nd of 3 songs we recorded, and was the most fun to do. Haha!

Hope you watch and leave a comment!

A quick translation for non-Filipinos:

I hear your voice, and I am with you
You bring treasures overflowing
I am thankful for all the blessings that come
You show a path that is true
You care for and protect me
Day and night you love me

Your power moves my life
Your blessing are never ending
Always, for always

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First trailer! "The Last Airbender" is coming next year!

I have not been this excited for a movie in a long time. Haha! Around this time last year they announced that there will be a movie version of the Emmy award winning cartoon series from Nickelodeon, Avatar: The Last Airbender. I was really excited I blogged about it too. Now they've released the first trailer for the first movie of the trilogy! (Guys, seriously, this is sooo much better than that vampire movie thingy. Hehe!) The first movie is set for July 2, 2010. It will be titled "The Last Airbender" because some other movie was named "Avatar" already. I can't wait! This will be awesome. (Think, Lord of the Rings.)

I pray they won't make the same mistakes they made for "Dragon Ball Z" (like hire a white dude to play an asian dude). M. Night Shyamalan who will write, direct and produce, better not mess this up!

And by the way, Dev Patel of "Slumdog Millionnaire" fame will be playing Zuko. Hehe! That will be cool.

Anyway, the trailer looks awesome. Check it out here..

Woot! Woot! Excited!

Photo from here.
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Monday, June 22, 2009

Latest: The Philippines has first swine flu (Influenza A H1N1)-related fatality

About an hour ago, DOH announced the Philippines' first fatality related to swine flu or Influenza A H1N1 virus.

The 49-year-old woman from Metro Manila died from congestive heart failure (the blood passageway to her heart was blocked), but was discovered after she had died that she was infected with the swine flu virus. Her death is the first reported fatality related to Influenza A (H1N1).

Her husband and son are currently quarantined, and DOH is doing a contact tracing of the family.
Meanwhile, several more schools have suspended classes due to the outbreak. The Philippines reportedly has the highest number of infections in the South East Asian region.

Sources linked after the jump...

GMA - DOH announces first death in RP linked to A(H1N1)
ABS-CBN - RP confirms first A (H1N1) death
This report got me really worried. And this swine flu is really making me paranoid. Last week my girlfriend was sick, turned out it was common flu. And this weekend, my mom was bed-ridden with fever and cough. She's much better now, no more fever, but we're still monitoring it.

Stay healthy everyone.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

The politics of Political ads

I've read a lot of posts ranting about the Political ads running on TV like the one above of Manny Villar, and the one on this blog, of Mar Roxas. Bloggers like Adaphobic are lashing out at the audacity of using money for TV ads instead of for helping the poor...

Here's my 2 cents...

It's like Affiliate Marketing

Sure you, and me, and a lot of the bloggers are, as you say, "cringing every time we watch these ads", but let's keep in mind, even though we are part of the voting population, these ads are not meant for us - it is meant more so for the majority of the voting population, i.e. the people with nary a dime but have talking boxes in their 2x2 meter living rooms (which also double as a bedroom at night).

They are the people who will go, "ay, talagang para sa mahirap itong si Manny Villar!" every time they watch these ads.

And THEY have the power to put a President in office.

Now, my intention is not to demean poor people (or even those who claim to represent them), I am no way saying they are ignorant or incapable. My point is, simply, that these politicians are marketing themselves - and their target audience is the voting majority.  They are using the most powerful tools at their disposal to "sell their product", and from a marketing perspective, they are doing quite well.

We could probably guess Manny Villar is NOT the type who goes around (in full make-up) helping people on the streets, or riding pedicabs (ibang candidate yata yun?). But you would probably say, I know he is a good leader, a good man - and so let's do whatever is necessary to help get him to the Palace.

And this is it, my friend. This is it.
Imagine if your were Manny Villar or Mar Roxas' Public Relations agent or Campaign Manager - how far would you go to promote him to the public at large?

And one final disclaimer, I am NOT for Manny Villar nor Mar Roxas nor any other candidate for the moment. I'll reserve my judgment for later.

But what do YOU think?

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How far will you go to put your candidate in office?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

UP is Top University in the Philippines in QS Top University Rankings 2009

No surprises there, the University of the PHILIPPINES ( alma mater...ehem) is still the top University/College in the Philippines, ranking #63 in the 2009 "Top 200 Asian Universities" of Top Universities. It is tied at 63 with Universitas GADJAH MADA of Indonesia.

Other Philippine Universities that ranked are the De la Salle University #76, the Ateneo de Manila University #84, and the University of Santo Tomas #144.

According to the site, this is the first regional ranking from QS Quacquarelli Symonds Ltd, the compilers of the Times Higher Education - QS World University Rankings. Previously published rankings were all Global rankings. In the 2008 Global ranking, UP ranked #276, a big jump from the previous year's #398 ranking.

The 2009 Top Asian Universities are as follows...
#1 University of HONG KONG Hong Kong
#2 The CHINESE University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
#3 University of TOKYO Japan
#4 HONG KONG University of Science and Technology Hong Kong
#5 KYOTO University Japan
#6 OSAKA University Japan
#7 KAIST - Korea Advanced Institute of Scie... Korea, South
#8 SEOUL National University Korea, South
#9 TOKYO Institute of Technology Japan
#10 National University of Singapore (NUS) Singapore, tied with
#10 PEKING University China

For the full ranking, visit Top Universities.

*A quick note on the attached video: The UP Concert Chorus singing UP's alma mater song, UP Naming Mahal. It is taken from BUKLOD TANGI VCD, produced by UP Dilliman Office of the Vice Chancellor, Chancellor, and the Office for Initiatives in Culture and the Arts (OICA). Copyright 2001. All rights reserved.

P.S. I was part of the group that recorded it! But didn't make it to the shooting of the video. :(

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm on

I didn't think I would make one, but after reading an article on Time magazine, I was convinced.
So here's me:

Follow me on Twitter!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My (lousy) Pussycat Dolls in Manila Concert Experience

On June 11, Liz, Bing and I went to the Mall of Asia concert grounds to see us some dolls: some Pussycat Dolls.

We had scored some discounted tickets c/o Clear shampoo, went on leaves from work, rocked sexy outfits (the ladies only hehe) and made our way, (the first time for me) to the Mall of Asia. We didn't have a hard time finding it at all, it's kind of hard to miss with that huge globe. Anyway, if you need directions, just leave a comment, I give OC directions. Haha.

Anyway, we arrived at around 5 in the afternoon, already a bit late from the 3pm we originally planned. Luckily, a lot of people also had the same idea as most of them arrived at 7pm!

Not to say that there weren't a lot of people already. There were several lines already beside the entrances, one for VIP, 1 for Gold, 2 lines for Silver and one major line for Bronze. I was actually beginning to get pissed because the lines were so disorganized and the guards and the bouncers were doing nothing to organize the lot. When we were about to enter, there was this one guard who was making us separate into a line for males and a line for females. I'm like, we'll we've lined up "mixed" and nobody was organizing so don't start organizing just when we're about to enter the gates! :p Good thing Liz was there to stop me from going ballistic on the poor dude.

Anyhow, I also didn't have time to do my litany because they were letting us in already, it was just before 6pm then. We got in, picked a good spot, then I went to get us some snacks, there was Itallianis, Fish & Co. and other stalls offering finger-snacks.

I forgot to mention that this concert was the first ever concert that I watched. Unfortunately, it kind of traumatized me enough to not want to watch another concert in the near future... here's why...

We got a good place to stand, right at the barricade for "Silver", a bit on the right side, but there were no chairs, so we were standing there the whole time, being squished by people from all sides.

QYORK and the Philippine All Stars were the front act (we thought it would be Lady Gaga). They were fine, except for that one guy singing the melody, or some sort of melody which I couldn't really understand. They were a bit boring. :p The Philippine Allstars, I was already a fan of, so I enjoyed their bit even though I couldn't really see any dance moves from that far away. It was then that I realized that I wasn't going to enjoy the concert at all. We were not the farthest from the stage, but we were far enough. The PCD would be just as big as grasshoppers (not ants hehe), and we won't be able to see their sexy dance moves. Damn it. :p

At around 9PM, the Pussycat Dolls went onstage (mind you, we've already been standing for over 3 hours by then!) and they were awesome. There was one missing Doll, red-haired Jessica was in the US because of a dancing injury, but the rest of them were there in high adrenaline and giving a great show.

They sang all their hits: Don't Cha, When I Grow Up, Stick Wit You, Buttons, Beep, and loads more. I was trying my best to enjoy the concert ('coz we did pay for it right?), I tried to move with the music but couldn't because I was being squished by everyone from all sides. I was behind Liz, and we were just swaying a little bit to what the space allowed us to sway.

But the worst part of it really for me was this girl who was right behind me, singing to every song... OUT OF TUNE. I mean, c'mon, it's great that you know all their songs, and it's okay to sing because it's fun, but SHOUTING in my ear is not fun for me at all. And this went on for the WHOLE duration of the concert. She did not miss one note, not one.

On the other end, the BEST part of the show for me was the part when part-Filipino, part-German, part-Hawaiian, American Nicole Scherzinger, lead Pussycat Doll, said in a sort of teary-eyed, i-feel-a-lump-in-my-throat way, "I'm really proud to be... to be... ... Filipina.." which of course elicited cheers from the throng. It was so dramatic it was kind of hard to watch. Haha! Nevertheless, we are proud of you Nicole! We really are!

Just makes you wonder though, does she also say that when she's in Germany? heh heh heh...

After all of that was over, we were so tired we didn't even stay to watch the fireworks display. We went straight to the hotdog stand, then to the toilet, then to the car and to bed. lol.

Might be a while before I go to watch another open air concert.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fox's "Glee" will be a huge hit in the Philippines too

Nope, they haven't shown it here in the Philippines, but from the trailer I found on YouTube and the reviews I've read, I think "Glee", the new musical comedy series from Fox will be a big hit in the Philippines too.

Filipinos are very musical people, this is evident in the sheer number of choirs from universities, high schools, churches, companies, towns... anywhere where there's enough people, there's a choir. Haha! And here you have a series about a choir! A Glee Club! Haha. Actually, I'm excited that they're putting choirs back into the mainstream. A couple of years ago they did a series in the US called "Clash of the Choirs", I dunno how that ended up. But here's a series, on primetime TV, about a choir! (Why am I excited? I was a choir member for 6.5 years!)

Here's the trailer of the pilot episode of "Glee"...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Swinging with "The Real Group" and "The Swingle Singers"

I've been absent from Theme Thursday for the past couple of weeks. But since this week's theme was my suggestion, then I will play! The theme for this week is: "SWING". I gave a few suggestions in the "Whoops" theme post and mentioned about possibly moving to "verbs" after taking on several "noun" themes. I think verbs can prove to give a broader spectrum, and hopefully get our creative juices flowing. I was really interested in themes that can be interpreted in a lot of different ways so that the posts will also be as varied! Anyhow, here's my take on this week's theme...

The Real Group

"It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!" I have been particularly interested in a song for quite a while but never really researched about it until now! I was introduced to it via this version by The Real Group, an amazing, amazing professional vocal group composed of 5 singers from Sweden. The group itself was formed about 25 years ago. Current members Emma Nilsdotter, Katarina Henryson, Anders Edenroth, Peder Karlsson, and Anders Jalkéus.

Here's a video of The Real Group singing "It Don't Mean a Thing (If it Ain't Got That Swing)".... It's LIVE!

"It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)" is a 1931 composition by Duke Ellington with lyrics by Irving Mills, now accepted as a jazz standard. The music was written and arranged by Ellington in August 1931 during intermissions at Chicago's Lincoln Tavern and was first recorded by Ellington and his orchestra for Brunswick Records (Br 6265) on February 2, 1932. - Wiki

The Swingle Singers

Now, the Swingle Singers is an 8-member, multi-Grammy Award winning, acapella singing group formed in 1962, but is still around today (with new singers of course!).

I was lucky enough to meet one of the Swingle Singers personally in 2000 during the Aberdeen International Youth Festival (AIYF) in Scotland: composer, arranger, choral conductor, teacher and singer Mr. Ben Parry was first Bass with the swingle singers from 1987 to 1992.

The Swingle Singers are now part of the music for the new Fox series "Glee", a musical comedy. It's not being shown here in the Philippines yet, but from news stories and the trailer, it sounds like it will be a huge hit here too. Here's why I think so!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Pinay Scandal / Pinoy Scandal

Welcome everyone! Go ahead and click, it's safe!

Better late than never! This post is in support of a project that began on way back in 2007. It was simply called "Pinay scandal". The goal was to steer Google searches away from websites containing Filipinas on "display" and direct them instead to these blog posts. Keyword "Pinay scandal" is one of the biggest all time keywords in the Philippines, and when I checked, apparently, "Pinoy scandal" is even bigger. Lol!

Welcome men, women, boys and girls. I apologize if this was not what you were looking for, but since you're here anyway, why don't you SUBSCRIBE?

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Okay Okay, I don't want you to leave empty handed (ehem...) so here's something for all y'all.

For all of your who came here looking for something Asian, something exotic, something that you'll want over and over again... why not try some eel! ----->>>>

I had some EEL for the first (and only) time on a business trip to Singapore. It was quite delectable actually, the sauce was very good. The meat of the eel itself was surprisingly very much like fish, and not at all like how I expected it (I had initially thought it would be something like squid...)

Now that that's done, let's move on!
Here are some of the bloggers that participated in this exercise!
The Pinay scandal hit list:
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Just leave a comment if you want to be added to this list! (which blatantly copied from Macuha's site, hehehe. Thanks dude!)

Monday, June 08, 2009

#88 Balai Indang, a hideaway

Our overnight stay at Balai Indang or Balay Indang was thanks to the wedding of Kuya Dean and Ate Joy. Their wedding was in the morning of a Saturday up in Tagaytay (Caleruega, Nasugbu to be exact), so they had booked their whole entourage at the Balai Indang on Friday so that no one would be late! ;) (great idea ya?)

We (Liz and I) went via Tagaytay from Batangas where we left at around 5:30 in the afternoon. Unfortunately for us, May is the season for fiestas in Batangas, and with fiestas come bumper-to-bumper-traffic-causing processions. :)

About half an hour from when we first got stuck, I was already ranting about how they should make laws preventing processions from completely taking away half of the road and effectively freezing traffic! Calling governor V? :p

Driving to Balai Indang

This procession, along the main highway through Bauan, Batangas, held us prisoners for a little more than an hour. The 1.5 hour trip to Tagaytay was extended to almost 3 hours! Good thing Balai Indang was not difficult to find, save for the initial it's-dark-and-are-we-going-in-the-right-direction/is-this-a-horror-movie feeling.

The trick was just to keep an eye out for a large #88 painted on a wall on the left side of the street (coming from Tagaytay!). It's big enough for the near sighted to see. ;)

When we arrived, we were quite hungry. Good thing there was a program for "getting-to-know-each-other-in-the-entourage" before dinner, so there was still a lot of food when we arrived. At dinner, we got to sit with Dean's high school teacher, and she kept us entertained with Dean's childhood stories while we ate dinner...

Great Food and Graham Crackers

The food, (which I cannot describe in detail anymore because I don't remember!) was good, Liz particularly enjoyed the fish something (hehe) and I particularly enjoyed the dessert (of course!) which was (and this one I remember!) Graham crackers that they made into little graham balls (little Graham Bells?) and rolled in coconut bits. Awesome! :D

After dinner, Dean (haha, yes the groom himself) escorted us to our rooms. The set-up was very homey, the lamps and the curtains were very Filipino. There were about 3 rooms per house, and each room was big enough for at least 6 adults: 2 queen sized beds on the first floor and 2 single beds up on the loft.

I especially liked the bathrooms: the shower area was a piece of flat stone surrounded by pebbles, the sink area was a mix of modern and traditional elements, the wooden counters and the ceramics mix well. There were some problems with the door to the toilet area, which was a sliding door and was a bit difficult to close. (heh heh)

Because we arrived late and needed to be up early, we did not really have much time to walk around and enjoy the rest of Balai Indang. I was told there was a swimming pool and a fishing area, and I found a mini-trail with a sign saying "Barefoot walk". There was also a bar with a billiard table. The brochure actually was promoting the place as a family getaway, or a venue for corporate team building activities.

The next day, we were up bright and early, and we got a good look at the lush greens and lovely flowers at Balai Indang. Breakfast was lovely and light while we watched the members of the entourage getting their hair and make-up done (some of them were up at 4AM!) We enjoyed the ambiance of the house, the details in the decorations were exquisite. Liz liked the sink in the ladies room, the ceramic vase with intricate painting detail, and even took a camera in the toilet. ;)

Filipiniana Wedding

Finally we were off to Caleruega for Kuya Dean and Ate Joy's wedding, where I was set to sing at the ceremony. Thank you to the couple for our relaxing, albeit brief stay at Balai Indang!

Click on the photos to view full size. Photos by Liz and Rey using Canon Digital Ixus 90IS.