Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I want my weekends back

It's my first time to be a Maintenance Shutdown Coordinator.

It has been 30 days since I left home.

And I've taken a total of 1 vacations. :p

My daily grind...
Wake up at 0530H (shit, i find it hard to wake up at 630 on normal days...)
Attend Handover meeting at 0600H (at least there's free pandesal and coffee)
Update tracking and organize activities for the day (mostly office work)
Walk/Bike around the plant and coordinate inspection activities (via a 2-way radio)
Attend daily Coordination meeting at 0930H and send out meeting minutes
Continue field work until lunch break at 1130H (then drink some more coffee)
Back to work at 1300H
Field work under the scorching heat of the sun (ouch)
Get sunburnt. (more and more each day)
Coordinate field activities until 1800H (to the last minute!)
Attend handover to night shift meeting at 1800H
And every other day, be the meeting scribe and stay until minutes are reviewed and sent out (sometimes until around 2030H)
Go home and shower to remove the sweat and dirt from the day's work
Dinner at around 2130H (and this is why I'm gaining weight instead of losing weight)
Go home to sleep by 2300H (no late nights!)

I have been counting the days, the hours, until I can have my weekends back.
I am optimistic that this coming Saturday will be mine. ALL MINE.

They just lit up the flare. :D
Hopefully tomorrow, the flare will bring new energy to all the workers (including myself) to get this whole thing done. It's been a looong road, but the end is near.



  1. Take some advice from Auntie,
    Coffe is good, but rehydrate yourself with water too!

  2. reynanteeeee! antagal paaaaaaa! aaaaaaaa! =P

  3. Hello,
    I have just nominated you to receive the “When Life Gives You Lemons” blog award.
    Visit Auntie at her Dog Girl blog to claim your prize.

  4. Thanks Auntie! I'll be sure to pass by!