Friday, August 28, 2009

French bulldog puppies and a newborn Yorkshire Terrier

Are you a dog person?

My sister and her boyfriend both love dogs - and even though I don't (lol) their presence in our home have made me kind-of-fond of them too. We currently have two female Yorkshire Terriers - their tiny barks fill our home with warmth, they are attention demanding, sweet little critters. :p

After being in Batangas for 2 weeks for work, I was surprised to come home to a house full of doggies - not just the 2, but 4 doggies and 5 puppies! 5 French bulldogs and 3 Yorkshire Terriers! A few hours later, another dog arrived - an English bulldog (unfortunately I wasn't able to take photos of that one!). :D Come see the photos of the dogs...

The French Bulldog puppies

These 3-week old French bulldog puppies sure start early to learn other French stuff, eh? Lol! I think they're both female though. I was told these puppies' daddy bulldog is a champion bulldog. I don't know exactly what that means except that they probably have really good genes. They were quite an energetic bunch - always searching for their mother's teat and, when they find them - suckling away like there's no tomorrow.

Doggy Yoga

After their feeding, my Ate asked me to take some photos of her puppies.

The puppy on the left was busy doing some Yoga stretching when it was his turn for the photo-op. We just had to let him finish his session before we could continue!

The puppy on the right is the only one of the bunch with mostly white fur. She actually looks like a piglet here...

Wanna hear something gross? Their mommy bulldog eats all their poop and slurps their pee. Gah! But I give props to mommy bulldog for taking good care of her puppies - she breastfeeds them regularly and cleans them up all the time! Aww, aren't mommies great? Here's their mommy feeding them - I guess she's really "pretty" by French bulldog standards. Haha.

Newborn Yorkie Puppy

I've already mentioned the 2 Yorkies currently wreaking havoc in our house (lol) - well, now there's 3 of them. Only a few days old when I arrived - this little dog is a Yorkshire Terrier - yes, that hairy little critter starts out with short smooth baby hair just like any other doggy puppy.

Shhh... the little critter is sleeping! Right now all she does is sleep and eat and look for mommy Roxie (the mommy Yorkie). Some more yorkie pictures below...

Yes my friends, I am a dog-uncle - I am a Duncle. Lol! :D

Are the Yorkie puppies for sale?
Are the French Bulldog puppies for sale?
Send me an email at listahan[at]gmail[dot]com and I'll get you in touch with my sister for information, breed, lineage and all that relevant stuff for dog breeders.


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