Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Cover: "To Where You Are" by Josh Groban

Video Format Converter!

I've finally gotten a hold of a video format converter so now I can convert AVI to MPEG to make the file size smaller and easier to upload on Youtube!

I now know how to make vids and convert them to mpeg > upload to youtube and then post on my blog. So, I got excited at the prospect of making video blogs or vlogs...but then I realized I still have to get a video editing software and learn how to use it. Heheh.

But at least I've made progress right? SO, I've made a test post!

"To Where You Are" by Josh Groban

Last week (July 31), on my way home from Batangas, the traffic was horrible on C5 that I got bored and started singing to the songs on the radio to entertain myself. I saw I had taken my Canon Ixus 90IS with me in the car, so I snatched it up and decided to take a short clip of me singing in the dark. Hehe. Since I have zero knowledge about editing, this is raw unedited footage... :D

Still looking for a mentor to teach me editing (and maybe give me an editing software, hehe!) In the meantime, here's me singing a sample of "To Where You Are" by Josh Groban. (I realized later that I was singing on a higher key, but what the heck!)

What do you think?

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