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"Earning 10 in 2010" - Feb 2010 Online Earnings update!

I've been known to be slightly obsessive, or to put it in light - highly determined - and so when I set that $10 a month goal for myself last month, I really focused on achieving it. (Hey no laughing at my measly earnings! Lol.) I am also writing about this to inspire my online and offline friends to also try and monetize their online interactions.

Earning 10 in 2010

I would describe myself as highly inexperienced in terms of anything and everything about earning on the internet.  I also feel terribly intimidated by the $200/month or $300/month (and even Php1 Million/month!) blog earnings being thrown around in the blogosphere by a lot of bloggers.  I have not really focused much on earning online through my blog or through Twitter - plus, I run a personal blog - not exactly a huge traffic blog, but now trying to earn a little bit to at least pay for my domain name and my internet connection sounds logical.

Now, $10 a month to me is more than sufficient - it covers my internet bills and my annual domain payments which together costs about $110.00/year. I feel going for higher than that would entail more effort than I can give and more time than I wish to provide for blogging. :p

January was slightly below target - $9.71, which at no effort, was actually quite optimistic. For February 2010 though, my monthly earnings shot up to over $40. I've exceeded my target! And I must say, it was quite exhilirating and sort of addicting haha! Where did it all come from? Read on...

Break it down!

I've conveniently linked the following sites I am subscribed to...
Google Adsense - My Adsense earnings have surged! (by a little bit only hehe). For February 2010, I earned $5.28 - that's more than half of my $10 target already! That's the highest single-month earnings I've ever gotten from Adsense. From Nov 2008 until Feb 2010, I have accumulated $37.82 - but payout is $100. If this month's rate continues, I may be able to get my first payout early next year! Woot! - I earned a total of Php172.02 (roughly $3.50) in February, giving me a total of Php779.00 (~$16.20) from April 2009 to present.

LinkWorth - I have not really endeavored to pursue this in Feb. Hmm. Maybe in March? Or maybe not at all.

Sponsored Tweets - Last month, I ranted about my measly $1.49 from Nov 2009. I think someone from Sponsored Tweets heard (or rather, read) me and sent me tweet after tweet in February, haha. I earned $9.37 in February alone. Awesome. That covers the $10 target right there! Now, how to get a higher rate per tweet is another challenge. Hehe.

PayPerPost v.4 - I received an email from them in Feb about an opps, and I accepted it, but have not heard from them again yet.

Sponzai - Stuck at $2.00 - still no opps.

Google Affiliates - $0 earnings! I am rethinking this - I don't think my readers are the buy-from-the-internet type. Hmm. I may be just wasting ad space. :p

Infolinks - I've decided to remove this completely as it is in conflict with others, and some friends of mine are deathly allergic to it. Hahah!

Sponsored Reviews - After I've adjusted my cost per review, the effect was immediate! I am pleased to share with you that I received some opps this month and earned a total of $22.50 - my highest contributor to the pot!  The best part is they are hardly noticeable (or did you notice?). I am able to maintain my writing style, talk about things relevant to my blog, and still earn a little from it.

Adgitize - Joined just barely a month ago and have so far earned $0.29.  My strategy is to earn $10.00 to get a payout and then reinvest it by advertising on Adgitize. :D Hmm but at this rate, I may have to wait a year or so for that. Hehe!

Chitika - Joined this on the same day I joined Adgitize and have so far earned a $0.32 in January and $0.98 in February. Payout is also $10.00.

Summarizing - Monetizing

In summary, my online earnings for 2010...
January 2010 = $9.71
February 2010 = $41.99 ---- how cool is that?

I have now a total of $51.71 in just 2 months, way above my Full Year 2009 earnings of $35.12. I have exceeded my target and hope to continue to do so. Wish me luck!

What I've learned so far

So I didn't want to end with just showing you how much I've earned so far.  Here are some things I've learned along the way too:
  • Making a post about how to make money online really helps you make money online. Hehe. It's a bit of a conundrum for me - I do not run a Technology blog or a blog about Making Money Online - and so I will not write about this topic continuously. What I will do instead is intersperse them with my travel and personal blog posts. :D
  • Metrics important to advertisers include your Google Page Rank, your Technorati Rank, Alexa Rank, Yahoo Links, among others. The only question then is how much of your integrity are you willing to gamble to earn a few bucks? Lol. Seriously though, you don't have to. Just get advertisers that are in tune with the topic of your blog, or things you are really interested about.
  • Be active on Twitter. :) Engage people on Twitter, ask them questions and answer their questions. Retweet their links.
  • Traffic = more earnings, so update more often with good quality posts.
  • Create you blog's image and stick to it - I'm still finding my niche, but so far it's leaning towards Travel Blogging. ;)
Any more tips to our newbie bloggers wanting to earn from blogging?

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  1. Nice. Tumataas earnings. Sana ako rin. Ayaw sa akin ng Sponsored Tweets. Just as well - ayaw ko na rin sa kanila. Ahahaha.

  2. Congratulations Rey! While you were on the hype of earning online, I am on the decelerating phase. I had rejected a few sponsored posts already, LOL!

  3. Yipee! Ang galing galing : )

  4. It seems that your blog needs a lot of fine tuning. The fact that it loads too slow is driving a lot of readers away and your blog income isn't commensurate with your blog's age considering that this is a personal blog, this could have been better off monetized than a niche blog.

    The figures above could be improved thou.

  5. Now if you listened to DiTesco and worked Mahalo you may be able to make that $50 a month! =)

    I think it's great you made $40 in February and almost halfway towards your yearly earnings goal. Really takes the pressure off. Here's to keeping up the momentum!

  6. Haha, looks like Ditesco has made a convert out of you Anne! Have you also tried Mahalo?

    Thank you for cheering me on. I know the figures are not much, but it's a good start! :)

  7. great post reyjr...this is something i have not delved into but great info to have on hand...