Sunday, March 14, 2010

Manny Pacquiao vs Joshua Clottey results: Pacquiao victorious!

Manny Pacquiao victorious once again!

 Last November, the world watched as Filipino super boxer Manny Pacquiao knocked out Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto - this time around, The Pacman defeats Ghana's Joshua Clottey in today's "The Event" held at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The WBO Welterweight belt is at stake for the bout.

Pacquiao entered the stadium wearing a red jumpsuit, smiling to cheers from the huge throng of people. Soraya Simons sang Ghana's National Anthem  and Journey singer, Filipino Arnel Pineda sang the Philippine National Anthem. 3 Dallas Cowboys in panty shorts sang the Star Spangled Banner. :p

Joshua Clottey entered the ring dancing in his silver and red robe, and Manny Pacquiao entered smiling in his Philippine Flag inspired robe of red, blue and yellow, to "Eye of the Tiger". Both looked relaxed...

Let's get ready to rumble!!!!

147 lbs Joshua Clottey vs 145 3/4 lbs Manny Pacquiao, Clottey defeats Pacquiao in all physical attributes - weight, height and reach.

Opening round was not very exciting. Mostly dancing around, a few jabs from Pacquiao, one big one to the left jaw.  2nd round, Clottey protected his face for the most part, but for the 3rd round, Pacquiao landed a few body shots with Clottey fighting back. By the 4th round, Pacquiao seemed frustrated that Clottey was not fighting back.

Round 5, 6 and 7, Pacquiao received a few punches in the face with Clottey still covering up but getting body shots. At the 8th round, the match was momentarily stopped due to a low blow by Clottey. Then saw Clottey's defense being penetrated by Pacquiao. At the end of Round 8, the crowd booed Clottey.

Round 9 and 10, both fighters seemed to be slowing down, Clottey still keeping his defense up. Clottey's coach advises him to knock Pacquao out, to take a chance.

The 11th Round proved most exciting with both Clottey and Pacquiao throwing punches. Clottey seemed desperate to knock Pacquiao out since he was definitely behindi in points.

The Final Round was most exciting up to the last moment when each boxer threw punches left and right, but in the end, Manny Pacquiao proved the better fighter! Woot! Manny Pacquiao wins by unanimous decision!


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  1. Looks like I can't go because I have nobody to go with. What a pity, I really wanted to see the Marriott. Tsk.

  2. hahaha. i remembered our house helper. sabi niya kay clottey: "ano ba itong si clottey. tago ng tago. concern masyado sa kanyang mukha."

  3. Naks naman! Hehe :)

    Hindi ka sumali sa LIFE IN TABOREA?

  4. Itong si Clottey tumago nang tumago sa laban. Hayan tuloy di nga siya na-knock down pero di rin siya nanalo. Sa lahat ng taong bato yan ang pusong mamon. Walang ghana. Ahehehe

  5. Woot for Manny! (first name basis na kami. hehe)

    Got the invite! There's a good chance I'll be going -- will have to drag the bf by his hair, maybe. haahaha! Do you know anybody else who's going?

  6. Haha! :p
    It seemed like he was too concerned about being knocked out that he didn't even take a risk. But actually he did land some pretty good punches too. His strategy might have worked if Pacquiao wore himself out - but he didn't.

    Pacquiao's energy, although slightly diminished towards the end, was still just too much for Clottey!

  7. Hi Emz! I might be. Will see you there then! I dunno about the others though. :p

  8. That was the most expensive sparring match! :)

  9. Diggin into your archive Rey :)

    I am disappointed with this "Event". I know you know why :)