Sunday, June 20, 2010

Look Who I Met in Paris...

Following up on my "vintage" celebrity photos series are, not one, but two celebrity photos taken in the year 2004, during my last tour with the UPCC. 

 Reyjr at the Louvre in Paris, France

The last stop of the tour then was Paris, France - and the last concert on November 13, 2004 was at the American Church of Paris, Quai d’Orsa. With a standing ovation - it was a great ending to our 3-week tour of Germany, Italy and Paris. It was made a bit more special because we met 2 celebrities there - and Nope, the Mona Lisa in the Louvre was not one of them! :p

Look Who I Met in Paris...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Short Story: "The Mystery of the Child and the Ice Cream Jingle"

Part 1: "The Mystery of the Child and the Ice Cream Jingle"

*Selecta Ice Cream Jingle plays in the background*

Baby Keisha: (with eyes widening) Mommy... what's that sound?
Mommy: (sweetly) Nothing....

*Selecta Ice Cream Jingle continues to play*

Baby Keisha: (ears twitching) What's that sound Mommy???
Mommy: Nothing....

Baby Keisha: (jumping up and down) Mommy! Mommy! What's that sound, Mommy?!

Mommy: Nothing! You're FAT!


What's the moral of the story?

Part 2....

Friday, June 04, 2010

What does your Weekend smell like?

The inspiration for this post came from an exchange on Facebook - one of my Facebook friends Status read:

"I can almost smell the weekend!"

This led me to wonder what MY weekend actually smelled like... if I was to describe it... weekend smells like Liz's perfume, and Cream silk on her hair, and when she just got out of her car - a slight scent of that Australian car perfume I gave her (pasalubong from my sister's fiance)...

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

"Earning 10 in 2010" - May Online Earnings Update!

If it's your first time reading this post series, let me explain briefly - I've decided to blog my journey of Earning Money Online - with a monthly update, a target amount, charts, the whole shebang. (Hehe.)

As a disclaimer, I will say this series is meant to share my experiences in this venture - but mine is a personal blog that does not receive a whole lot of traffic, I do not have a lot of time to blog, but do want to earn a little bit from it. If you are in the same situation, I invite you to share what you know and how your efforts have been fruitful. If you are a newbie like me, then read on and join me on this journey!

Earning 10 in 2010

Click image to view full size

It has become apparent that I will probably be earning more than my target $10 per month every month until the end of the year. My Adsense earnings have been growing (albeit slowly) in the past 5 months or so - and this month, for the second month in a row, it actually earned enough to cover my target $10. That means all other services are revenue. :p Awesome!

The question now is, is this growth sustainable? That remains to be seen. See how much I earned online this month...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Gadget Review: Nokia N900

Last March, my birthday gift from my parents was a new cellphone - a Nokia N900 Touchscreen Mobile Computer.  My phone before this one was also a Nokia, model N73, which makes for a huge jump from a semi-retirement age phone to now a top of the line touchscreen phone.

 My Nokia n900

Nokia N900 features

The N900 is Nokia's latest offering. It uses a Linux-based Maemo software.  If you wish to read more about the full Technical Specifications of the Nokia n900, hop on over to Nokia's website, they have the whole thing there. Putting it all here seems a bit redundant. :p

Here's my personal review of my cool new gadget....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Charice Billboard Watch 2010

Charice Billboard Watch 2010

  • Billboard Hot 100 - 2 weeks
    • Week of May 29, 2010 - "Pyramid" feat. Iyaz entered and peaked at #56
    • Week of June 5, 2010 - The single dropped to #93 on its second a final week.
  • Billboard 200 Albums - 8 weeks
    • Week of May 29, 2010 - Charice's self-titled US album entered and peaked at #8
    • Week of June 5, 2010 - "Charice" slides 20 spots to #28 
    • Week of June 12, 2010 - "Charice" slips further to #55 
    • Week of June 19, 2010 - "Charice" is at #81
    • Week of June 26, 2010 - The album drops to #162
    • Week of July 3, 2010 - The album moves 9 spaces down to #173
    • Week of July 10, 2010 - "Charice" rebounded to #139 following the announcement of her guest appearance on "Glee"
    • Week of September 18, 2010 - After a 2 month absence on the Billboard Albums Charts, "Charice" re-entered at #160 following a replay of her appearance on Oprah 
  • Dance/Club Songs - 9 weeks
    • The remixes of "Pyramid" feat. Iyaz is a Chart topper on this chart, reaching #1 in the Week of May 22, 2010 and stayed on this chart for a total of 9 weeks.
  • Digital Songs - 1 week
    • Week of May 29, 2010 - "Pyramid" entered at #32 and remained for 1 week on this chart
  • Digital Albums - 1 week
    • "Charice" entered at #8, Week of May 29, 2010 and remained for 1 week on this chart
  • Canadian Hot 100 - 9 weeks
    • A total of 9 weeks on this chart, "Pyramid" feat. Iyaz peaked at #41.
  • Billboard Canadian Albums - 3 weeks
    • "Charice" is a hit in Canada, entering at #4 on this chart and staying on for 3 weeks
  • Japan Hot 100 - 10 weeks
    • Week of July 10, 2010 - "Pyramid" feat. Iyaz enters the chart at #61
    • Week of July 17, 2010 - A whopping 53 steps leap to #8 for "Pyramid"
    • Week of July 24, 2010 - "Pyramid" continued it climb, moving up to #4
    • Week of July 31, 2010 - The song remains strong at #5
    • Week of August 7, 2010 - Rounding up the top 10, Charice is a huge success in Japan
    • Week of August 14, 2010 - "Pyramid" begins its descent, down to #21
    • Week of August 21, 2010 - Slips further to #57
    • Week of August 28, 2010 - "Pyramid" bounces back up to #42 with the release of Japan album "Sharisu"
    • Week of September 4, 2010 - "Pyramid" climbs back up again to #38
    • Week of September 25, 2010 - After a couple of weeks absent, "Pyramid" re-enters at #95
  • Billboard Japan Albums
    • Week of August 28, 2010 - "Sharisu" debuts at #14 
    • Week of September 4, 2010 - Shoots up to #6
  • European Hot 100 - 1 week
    • Week of October 9, 2010 - "Pyramid" is #56
  • AOL Video song - 1 week 
    • "Pyramid" entered at #15, Week of June 5, 2010
  • Yahoo! Video - 1 week
    • "Pyramid" shoots to #1, Week of July 10, 2010
  • 2010 Billboard Dance/Club Play Songs Charts  
    • "Pyramid" is #17 on the Year-End Charts
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Charice on Glee

As a bonus, here are Charice's Glee songs which notched the following Billboard Charts hits as well:
  • "Telephone" by the Glee Cast (sung by Sunshine Corazon and Rachel Berry)
    • Week of October 9, 2010 - Enters #23 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, #11 on Digital Songs and #17 on the Canadian Hot 100 Chart
    • Week of October 16, 2010 - Slips to #61 on the Digital Songs Charts and #67 on Canadian Hot 100
  • "Listen" by the Glee Cast (sung by Sunshine Corazon)
    • Week of October 9, 2010 - Enters #38 on the Billboard Hot 100. It also charted #19 on Digital Songs and #51 on the Canadian Hot 100

Read Charice full week-on-week 2010 Billboard Charts Performance here: Charice on the Billboard Charts - Archive

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