Friday, June 04, 2010

What does your Weekend smell like?

The inspiration for this post came from an exchange on Facebook - one of my Facebook friends Status read:

"I can almost smell the weekend!"

This led me to wonder what MY weekend actually smelled like... if I was to describe it... weekend smells like Liz's perfume, and Cream silk on her hair, and when she just got out of her car - a slight scent of that Australian car perfume I gave her (pasalubong from my sister's fiance)... weekend smells like freshly laundered clothes, drying under the sun. Not sure what my mom uses as fabric softener nowadays - but it smells good... weekend smells like newly watered garden soil - I can almost hear the ground sighing when the spray of water hits... weekend smells like dogs! - 3 Yorkies and a French bulldog whose cages I sometime help clean. weekend smells like crushed Indian mango leaves - when I pick the fruits I always get a leaf or 2 to crush in my hands and smell. weekend smells like Colgate - I use Closeup in Batangas. :p weekend smells like newly cooked rice - straight from the rice cooker - when I set the table up for a meal.

It's Friday, 8 'o clock in the evening and I'm about to leave for Manila. :)
...I can almost smell the weekend!

What does your weekend smell like?

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