Thursday, January 29, 2009

Theme Thursday: Kitchen

From Coffee Messiah: Sometime last year a fellow blogger started Theme Thursday, and anyone who wanted could post something on their blog on Thursday relating to the theme.

This week's topic is KITCHEN.

Here's my Theme Thursday blog...
The first thing that came to my mind about KITCHEN is, of course, that it's where people cook. I don't really cook. I just really eat. So in the absence of food cooking stories and photos of our kitchen, I thought to share some stuff about kitchens and scary movies...
1. As a young boy, I loved watching horror movies even if they kept me up half the night. After a good intense scaring, I would lie in bed with the blanket covering my whole body (the feet too! coz I was scared zombies would grab my feet) and with only my eyes and my nose showing.

On one particular night, after watching Freddie Kruger almost kill Nancy on "A Nightmare on Elm Street", my elder sister scared me half to death telling me she could hear a the rustle of the shower curtain and a little girl calling "Nancy...Nancy!" coming from our KITCHEN!
2. One of the scariest scenes in The Sixth Sense was when Cole had to pee and after he did, he heard someone in the KITCHEN and thought it was his mom. Here's the excerpt from the screenplay:

Cole instantly stops peeing. His body becomes very still. He slowly reaches for the toilet handle and flushes. He closes his pants and turns. He doesn't come out of the bathroom at first. He just stands there and stares into the darkness of the hall. HIS BREATH FORMS TINY CLOUDS IN THE COLD AIR.

Cole finally steps out into the hallway. His eyes catch a SLANT OF LIGHT now coming from the kitchen.

Cole hesitates before being drawn to the kitchen. He moves down the hall and turns the corner -- coming to a stop in the doorway of the KITCHEN.

Cole stares at the back of a person cooking food on the stove. Cole's fear slowly fades away.

COLE: Momma? Dream about daddy again?

The person turns. It's not Lynn. It's a strange woman. The
woman's face is demented. A purple gash cuts across her


Cole's face turns the color of ash.

WOMAN: What are you going to do?

Cole backs up to the doorway.

WOMAN: You can't hurt me anymore!

The woman smiles menacingly as she thrusts her wrists forward...They've been savagely cut.

OK OK. It's past midnight and I'm all alone in my room writing this so I have to stop now 'coz I have to sleep (and I'm kinda freaking myself out. hahahah!!!)

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  1. Great post and loved how you went from kitchen theme to horror movies. Loved it.

  2. No wonder you have a hard time sleeping, hopefully you do not mix drinking coffee with watching horror films!

    Thanks too for playing along.

    Will link you this weekend. Cheers!

  3. Wow! Now I know why my brother had so many nightmares. If you ever watched "Poltergeist"...but really. I was watching "The Last Mimzy" with Georgi, my sometimes charge, when the
    boy in the movie made a remark about the burger his sister was eating, being from a cow( in itself a reference to "Poltergeist" ). I don't remember the rest, but it left an impression on Georgi when it came time to feed her. Luck would have it I was serving American Chop Suey. The only way to get her to eat, was to put it on wheat bread as a sandwich filler. It worked!

  4. cool and it's bringing back lots of memories for me too!There's as well the kitchen scene in "Scream".Yeap definitely kitchen and horror movies!

  5. I think that movie might keep me out of the kitchen!

    thanks for joining in the fun.

    no picture of my kitchen on the mouse, but I did put snap of my kitchen (well part of it) on the lakewood daily snap.

    lettuce eating also is participating in theme thursday and as the day goes on I expect others will as well. thanks for putting up the links! I'll have to check the new players!

  6. now you have me thinking about movie kitchens-- Poltergeist's kitchen, and Mildred Pierce with her restaurant kitchen and many more.

  7. Dennis likes kitchens but not so much scary films.

  8. That scene in Sixth Sense freaks me the heck out.

  9. There's a kitchen scene in a bad steven segal movie--where he fights using a fry pan, toaster, and finally kills with a corkscrew. nasty scene.

  10. Wow! So many comments!

    Hi Coachdad!
    Lol it was really not intentional. I started out writing about memories about kitchens and then it came to this...

    Hi Coffee Messiah!
    Thanks for the great idea. Hope I can participate again, I'm going to be quite busy in the coming weeks... :(

    Hi subtorp77!
    Haha! I do remember Poltergeist, but not entirely. I also enjoyed the Amytiville, Scream movies, and so many others!

    Hi Candie Bracci!
    Yeah! That's where Drew Barrymore answers the first call right?

    Hi Kimy!
    You're welcome. I think I wasnt able to get all of them tho. :p

    Hi Avid Reader!
    Hm... I can't think of one in particularly significant kitchen scene at this moment. lol.

    Hi Dennis!
    Apparently you're a scaredy cat! (Literally!)

    Hi Megan!
    Me too! Just reading the screenplay made my hairs stand!

    Hi phd girl!
    Ugh. I dun like Steven Segal. I think he has the same facial expression for everything. lol. My dad likes watching his movies though.

  11. Interesting post. It's fascinating to see how we all responded to the theme in different ways.

  12. Reyjr,
    Thanks for popping in on my blog.
    What a scare-fest you have here!
    Cool job.
    Love your blog. Glad I came over here.
    Will stop by again soon.

  13. Good day Reyjr,
    It's Saturday morning and my head is now clear after my first big cup of coffee.
    I love weekends because I treat myself to an extra cup of joe in the afternoons.
    BTW, I took a closer look at you blog.
    It's amazing.
    Your enthusiasm & friendly personality really shine through!
    It's motivated me to try some more geeky stuff on my blogs/websites. :)
    bye for now!

  14. Okay, I'm going to be sleeping with the covers right over my head tonight.

    You have a fun blog!

  15. That kitchen in The Sixth Sense was really scary!! I need to watch that movie again. Thanks for listing my little blog on your "kitchen" links. :)

  16. Hey, I just noticed you list yourself as a "classical singing engineer". Did you know that my daughter is an opera singer? I adore singers!! :)

  17. Dakota Bear! Thanks for the visit. I agree, there's so many ways to interpret a theme, and that's why it so fun for me.

    Hi Auntie Cagny! Geeky stuff rocks. haha.

    Hi Jo! I try my best to not take this blog stuff too seriously. Haha!

    Hi Willow! Thank you for visiting! I love singing and will probably still be singing even if I become the CEO of the company I work for. lol. :D I learned how to sing classical style in the University choir. :)