Saturday, March 28, 2009

Born on a Syzygy~ is the Filipino Blog of the Week!!!

Filipino Blog of the Week Winner for Week 153

This has been a very stressful but uber awesome week for me at work.
And a great weekend-icing-on-my-cake is winning Filipino Blog of the Week! Uber Awesome indeed!

I was lagging behind on votes: at 2nd place (28 votes to the leading contender's 40 votes!) because when I posted it last week, I didn't realize you could vote once a day! So I was really surprised to find that I had won it! I won only by a margin of about 1.5 percentage points! Haha. That actually meant the judges and talk, author of The Composed Gentleman, gave me just enough points to win. Nevertheless, I wouldn't get 2nd place without your help! So THANK YOU for voting!

Just to explain a bit, votes account for 55% of your score, 35% from pre-appointed judges, and 10% from blog owner, talk.

By the way, I'm up for votes again this week. If you have time, please go on over to The Composed Gentleman and give me a VOTE! And yep, you can VOTE ONCE A DAY!


  1. hehe..
    salamat din sa pagdaan.
    nga pala, pakiboto naman ang Trip Ni Kosa sa poll na makikita sa blog na ito; hehe.. kitakits. balik ako.

  2. Hi! Reyjr,
    I voted for you too!...Therefore, "Congratulation!
    Deedee ;-D

  3. i knew it, the award's meant for you. congratulations!!:):)

  4. Congrats! You have a nice travel blog here.

    Would you by any chance interested to exchange links with my travel blog - An Asian Traveler ( Please let me know. Thank you.

  5. Hi Asian Traveler. Thanks for the visit. No problem with Links exchange. :D Let me know when you've linked me!