Monday, March 23, 2009

Vote for me to be the Filipino Blog of the Week!

I got a pleasant surprise when I checked my blog today! In the comments section of my Theme Thursday: Vegetable post...

"Hi, Your blog is nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week award (week 153). You may visit the site and vote. Please find the poll at the sidebar."

Please VOTE for me on this famous Filipino blogsite:>> click > The Composed Gentleman
The poll is on the sidebar. Just tick the box "reyjr" and Vote!

Haha. Thanks in advance. :p


  1. Hi! Reyjr,
    I just voted for you, at the The Composed Gentlemen blogsite!...Good Luck! Reyjr,
    Deedee ;-D

  2. Hi Reyjer.. just stopped by to say thanks for the visit and the comment..I think you should learn archery.. can be very relaxing..

  3. I was vote number 23 for you. I hope you win. Good luck.

    God bless.

  4. THANKS ALL!! I hope i win too. :D