Thursday, March 26, 2009

Theme Thursday: Mineral

My thoughts about a mineral
do not come up with several
Quite opposite! A general
feeling like a struggle...

My freshman year I was "Opal"
Which now I learned isn't a mineral!
because opal has no crystal-
-line structure..thats for real!

(Hm...I need to shave my stubble)

Hold on this is not normal...
can't find words ending A-L!
A challenge to my mental
capacity! Be gentle.
At least I didn't use "rectal"
In this my rhyme so playful

I fumble and I foible
I diddle and I babble
just to make a single
post on my Theme-a Thursday.


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  1. So it isn't exactly Theme Thursday topical. 'Tis still fun to read, reyjr :) A random thought, if you will.

  2. lol. i see you had a hard time coming up with a mineral topic as well. fun play on words though. Happy TT!

  3. Opal is my birthstone, but I've never liked them. I don't own one.

    Fun poem!

  4. Your trouble in making a mineral post gave me a pleasurable laugh. I will go vote for you.

  5. ...I especially giggled at Hm...I need to shave my stubble...

  6. LOL :D
    cool post and cool rhymes!

  7. glad to see i wasn't the only one who had trouble coming up with something to write about minerals! i wrote a whole post about diamonds and then was told that isn't a mineral. hopefully next week's theme is easier

  8. haha! I promise I'll make a better post next week! Thanks for the visit guys!

  9. Opals come from the land downunder! Where women do something and men chunder (can't remember the words either!) Actually I was going to do an Aussie post on opals until I found out that they're not minerals . .weird.

  10. Congrats. You won the Filipino Blog of the Week award for week 153. You may now claim your badge.

  11. Hi! Reyjr,
    A couple of words...Short, sweet, and to the point! about "minerals"...Nice!
    Due to my schedule, I have to play "catch" up(with my comment) over the weekend!

    Deedee ;-D