Tuesday, December 15, 2009


For frustrations creep in slowly in the silence,
and the soft hum of the room disturbs the balance
of my tired mind. My eyes are empty islands
on vacation with a hammock and the garlands
of sweet flowers 'round our necks. My defiance
to defeat is like fighting against giants.

Still I forge ahead for failure is no choice,
I will shout and sing until I lose my voice,
I will write - and every poetry or prose,
will reflect the truth, my happiness, my woes.

And I sit here with my hands upon my face,
for my heart is lonely, longing your embrace.
Must this distance be a harsh neccesitation?
In my room I sit alone in contemplation.


This is the first ever "serious" poem I published on Reyjr.com ever made. lol. Check out my other less serious ones here: Poems

The wonderful painting above can be found here: Paragon Fine Art - Stephanie Clair and is called "A MOMENT OF CONTEMPLATION"

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  1. Sorry for the oh my late reply. lol. And thank for the compliments.
    I just want to go on vacation! My eyes already are. haha!

  2. hello friend its William, never knew u wrote poetry, soz I have not been here sooner, this was high packed in imagery with a superb flow, nice poetry, very enjoyable..

  3. Rey Jr. Sabi ko na eh, you're a poet. Style ni Robert Browning. Sweet, meaningful lines. It flows like a clear stream...I could almost feel the yearning of the poet for the beloved.


  4. I'm awestruck. One minute, you're claiming you're not a real writer - the next, you're making a liar of yourself and proving you're a poet, as well. What the heck, Rey?

  5. In our group email, you poem prances around like a mischievous elf. Here you make me tread softly. Your stillness I dare not break lest you ask the balm for your longing. I've none to spare but a glance, a knowing smile and infernal belief all will be well.

    You're so hard to keep up with, Rey. Only yesterday, you were just a teeny weeny tarsier. Look at you now, you're already one big tarsier poet. I'd like to have the kind of bananas you're eating. :)

  6. An engineer, a blogger, a poet... you're so great! galing!

  7. It's always nice (and a little scary) to branch off in new directions.

    This was a good read and you should do more!


  8. Very talented Mr. Reyjr.. this time roundabout you're serious.. galing!

  9. Cheer up Rey! That's a very good writing of you.

  10. What's bothering you? Siguro habang sinusulat mo 'to, kamukha ng expressions ng mukha mo yung nasa photo sa taas? LOL.

    anyway, nice poem. :)

  11. Excellent poem! Your style is out there and it looks great!

    Congratulations with your lonely poem... err, I mean it is good to see a different side of you.

    BTW, I told you so!


  12. Whooooot! You're a poet now? Great job bro! Don't tell Doc Z has something to do with this?

  13. galing naman... dami kong nakikilalang mga poet ngayon... i remember noong high school pa lang ako i used to write poems.. instead of making a diary, i put every sentiments and emotions i had on a stanza..

    thanks.. pabisita po..

  14. Nice one, what else can you do? Baka magulat na lang kami my book or directorial debut ka na. Ewan ko ba, tuwing nakikita ko yung word "contemplation" naiisip ko si Flor.

  15. This is so touching. I can feel the the desperation, the loneliness. Did the painting help you write the poem?

  16. I want po my nickname to be Japaul as it is.. I'm serious! :D

  17. You are a real real talent, Reyjr, a joy to read how you strung the words together -- empty islands of eyes on vacation -- how cool is that!!

  18. Thank you for taking the time to publish this information very useful

  19. wow. great stuff reyjr....dont comtemplate too long though...