Monday, December 14, 2009

I am the cutest baby Tarsier in Bohol!

Last year, we went to Bohol, a province south of Manila, about an hour by airplane.

This is my favorite photo from that trip, I have no idea why I did not post it earlier. Haha!


That's Liz as the big Tarsier and me and as the cutest baby Tarsier in Bohol. Those were fun times and...

You can read my whole "Bohol Bohol" post where I narrate our adventures (and misadventures) in Bohol, the "beach hotel" that was not on a beach plus their horrible in-house band (lol!), the breathtaking view of the Chocolate Hills, the dolphins that followed our boat, the butterfly farm where we held caterpillars in our hands, and finally our death defying plane ride back to Manila. :D

Read all that and more here: "Bohol Bohol"

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  1. LOL! Rey, I didn't notice you until I read it from your post.

  2. Hehehe. Have you been to Bohol Madz?

  3. Yup Rey, I've been. But only for a short time. Ni hindi nga ako nakarating
    ng Chocolate Hills eh :(

  4. Wah malas. You should go back! Dali!

  5. Don't you own an apartmentbohol in Bohol? Haha. Di ka ba doon nakatira? woot.