Saturday, December 12, 2009

"A Puppy, not a Guppy" book tour

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Who wants some fish?

Irma, our book's main character, is getting some pet fishies. Yes, she's getting some guppies - which I think are beautiful hypnotizing (that tail!). But she doesn't want them - she wants a puppy instead! A puppy, not a guppy!

I've always loved fish.  Whenever we go to the beach, we always go snorkeling to see some colorful fishes and corals.  Fish in aquariums are also a sight - a very relaxing one that adds color and life to any room. Memories of all those hours spent laboriously looking for the right breed on that addictive Fish Tycoon game also come to mind. Hah!

I do love fish. But pet fish? I've never had any of those. Dogs, on the other hand, we've had since forever so I can understand why Irma's parents doesn't want her to get one...

Guppies Galore

Excerpt from "A Puppy, not a Guppy":

“They look kind of boring to me,” said Irma, stifling a yawn. “Do they do anything at all?”

“Sure,” said Jimmy. “They swim. They eat. They…” Jimmy paused for a moment and dropped a food pellet into the tank. “Naaah, you’re right, they’re pretty boring.”

“Why do you keep them, then?”

“I don’t know,” said Jimmy. “I guess I’m just used to them. Hey, you want some of the babies when they’re born?”

“No. I want a puppy, not a guppy.”

Lessons from Mommy Holly

The author of this new inspiring and educational children's book is Holly Jahangiri, "a professional writer with over twenty years' experience in technical writing, freelancing, fiction, poetry, and editing." She and her husband J.J. have a daughter, Katie, and a son, William.  I like the fact that Holly was born under the sign of the fish too - she's a Pisces like me. Is there a connection in the book? Well, you have read it to find out! Haha!

I liked this book because of 2 things. First, because it leaves your child (and you!) with your imagination tickled with all the possibilities for your pet Guppies - a lot of people simply brush fish off as boring creatures.  But fish owners know better. =D

Reading this book to your child as a bedtime story will not only be a wonderful bonding session, you will also be giving them wonderful dreams of guppy possibilities, entice their imagination a little.

The second reason I like this story is that it encourages us to look beyond what is at face value, to be patient especially with the disadvantaged, and to not discriminate - lessons anyone at any age should learn.

Get your FREE copy

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Go ahead and get one! :D

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  • Book cover art by Ryan Shaw, 4RV Publishing


  1. Do you know the Filipino counterpart of guppies? Escapes me...

    I'm relieved Irma has taken a liking to her guppies to be frank with you. She might like Ziggy and take him home to Texas. And what your blog be without Ziggy, pray? It will not be the same, but of course it will be okay with me if she takes Ziggy home instead of balut to Texas. :)

  2. I agree, yatot - Rey did a fantastic job of helping me to spread the word about my new book. (I even think he planned that little lead in with the post about the "Fish Spa" gave Irma some interesting entrepreneurial ideas, Rey.)

  3. aaaww to that! hehehhe

    btw, you did a very well good job in promoting this awesomeness book! way to go! and more good luck to holly!

  4. Hahaha. Not yet. But excited to be one in the future. :)

  5. ReyJr, way to go! Wonderful endorsement of the book. You talk like you're a parent

    For the reasons you've mentioned , i would buy one for my child.

  6. Thanks, Brian! Hope it's intriguing enough to send you running off to the bookstore! (After your mom's home and resting comfortably. I do hope her leg heals quickly. What a scary experience that must've been for you. We who are trained in First Aid pray we NEVER have to use it on anyone but ourselves - certainly not on our loved ones!)

  7. I should go to work for the Guppy Rescue Society, huh? (Do they HAVE such a thing?)

  8. I know you will! Unlike me - I can't even keep PRETEND fish alive!

  9. don't worry Holly, we promise to be responsible pet owners ;)

  10. No kidding, Rey! I can't even maintain pretend fish over at Fishville. I switch to another window to read a blog, and next thing I know, they've all gone belly-up.

  11. Aw geez... a Pisces...

    I have not yet figured out how to help Holly promote this thing yet... but it just occurred to me I do know a librarian.

  12. I prefer dogs that can eat anything (hindi pihikan!) and can poop and pee by itself - it'll be a plus if it can bury its own poop no? Hehe!

    I agree about the fishes though. I wish we had an aquarium at home. My mom doesn't want one because it's a lot of work to maintain it. Hehe.

  13. Hmmm.. i still prefer dogs (if only they come without the peeing and the pooping.hehe). but fishes are quite relaxing to watch. ^_^

  14. You have something against Pisces, Dave? What, you think we're a little fishy, or something? :) Authors LOVE Librarians - that's a GREAT way to help, Dave!

  15. It's okay, Jannie - just glad you made it to the party! Don't worry about the email - catch you next time. But...beware...speaking of parties, you'd better, come the New Year, because with Heather, you, the other Texas Holly and me - it's gonna be like the Bermuda Triangle, and strange things are bound to happen in Texas.

  16. Awesome, Reyjr.

    And hi Holly. I have an e-mail of yours to answer. Forgive me, I've been inundated with so much awesomeness from so many awesome people lately.

    And cooking tons and tons of tripe.


  17. Not sure there is a counterpart. I think that's the universal word for "small bait fish." Irma says to tell you, "Huwag kumain ng guppies."

  18. 'was here last night but was too sleepy to comment lol

    nice intro Rey!

    looks like we'll all be blogging about our pet guppies soon ;)

  19. I had two bettas, once. One betta's easy enough to take care of. Two... especially if one's a male and one's female? Not so easy. I was stupid; I kept them in bowls next to each other. The male died first; I used to tell people I was the only person in history to have a PET FISH commit suicide. Truth is, he just tried to run away. I'm sure he was TRYING to leap into the female's bowl, but he missed. So he wriggled right off my desk and halfway across my room - on shag carpet - while we were gone. Then the female got Ich and we had to flush her (no, we waited until she mastered the backstroke, of course!)

    Very sad. :( Irma's a much better fish keeper.

  20. I had a fish once, but it jumped out of its bowl. Then we had some Japanese fighting fish. Most recently we had an algae eater and a dying fish [it needed a home, too]. But we seem to take care of a dog better than the fish. Too bad, as I like fish. I used to work for a seafood distributor and smell like fish, too. Not sure why I shared that. lol =)