Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pacquiao defeats Cotto!

Looking for the Pacquiao vs Cotto fight results? You've come to the right place.

Manny "Pac-man" Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto

Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao wins against Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto in "Firepower" today Nov 15, 2009 (Manila). The match was stopped at mid-fight by the referee at Round 12 and then Manny Pacquiao was proclaimed victorious via TKO.

After that, bloodied and bruised, yet a dignified Miguel Cotto hugged Manny Pacquiao and even gave him a wink.

Manny Pacquiao also makes history by becoming the new Welterweight champion, his record seventh title. 

Congratulations Manny!!! You make us damn proud to be Filipinos. Woot!!!

Pacquiao Twitters Abound!

A few hours before the fight, twitters were wondering why Cotto was in the Twitter trending topics when Manny wasn't. About an hour later, there were 3 Pacquiao related topics on Twitter. ;p

Here are some tweets during and after the fight:
@duren: No man has won seven world titles in seven weight divisions.  A legend, and a pride of Asia #pacquiao
@demetriziaCAB: i love #pacquiao #pacman.I couldn't be happier &prouder to call myself filipino.I will brag,go on and on,cuz its an honour to be a Filipino!
@WebAlerts: #Pacquiao is the 1st & only boxer to win 7 crowns in 7 divisions.
@telenovelasstar: #pacquiao Felicidades Manny Pacquiao por ganando el titulo welterweight contra a Miguel Cotto! Congratulations Manny Pacquiao!
@DanielRivas83: Daaamn!!! Manny "Pacman" #Pacquiao played punching bag with Cotto
@RonnieCruz: #Pacquiao - the greatest boxer of our generation!  It was like watching a master create a master piece
RT @KevinI: NOW it is stopped. Referee Kenny Bayless stops it in the 12th. #Pacquiao wins #boxing
@Ms_RinaBaby: #Pacquiao (aka #Pacman) is unstoppable! Respect to #MiguelCotto / #Cotto.
@Tomjolly "#Pacquiao laughs as he returns to corner and ref is again talking to #Cotto corner"
@peepstalk "#pacquiao #pacman #cotto Pacman is showing his seniority over Cotto, rd 10 to Manny"
@catjuan "Round 10. Cotto's shorts splattered in blood."
@mikeventi "What a display by Pacquiao. "Speed kills." Merchant was able to keep something simple."

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  1. Congratulations Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao for again making the Filipinos very proud. You've proven time and again that hardwork and humility, combined with faith in God is the only way to success. God bless you more!

  2. Wala ka talagang katulad Manny! Lols!

  3. He deserves to win, an "intelligent" fight.

  4. the "undisputed" pound-for-pound KING!