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"Earning 10 in 2010" - April Online Earnings Update!

Earning 10 in 2010

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"Slam! Bam! Pok! Pow!", echoed as my monthly blogging target was pummeled by my actual online earnings this month. Lol! Not really. :p

But for the third month in a row, I've surpassed by $10 per month target in the heels of my joining a news website, plus new opportunities from Sponsored Reviews.

Oh, and Blogvertise finally paid me my $2! woot...

Break it down!

Sponsored Reviews - When it rains, it pours. Well, OK, it doesn't. But I did get $20 from Sponsored Reviews this month. Yehey! That makes a total on $42.50 in 3 months. :D

Google Adsense - With the $11.08 earned this month from Google Adsense, I am beginning to see the potential benefits of SEO. I have tried optimizing my most read posts firsts in the attempt to keep them on the first page of Google Search, or if possible, to make them rank higher. Ok, so I said "beginning" - haha, not there yet, but as @marghil said during the last iBlog6 summit: "Be patient!"

Another contributing factor to my increasing Adsense earnings - I am now a contributor to a news blog, and am feeling very "journalistic" about it. Haha! I see awesome potential from this new venture and hope to cultivate it further as I learn more.

With these 2 combined, I hope to receive my first Google Adsense paycheck by October 2010 (maybe even earlier!). woot! It took me all of two years! Haha! Hopefully the second one won't take as long. :D

Sponsored Tweets - The problem remains, I only get 1 or 2 click from the new shortened links when I used to get up to 10 with  It's dismal - I'm actually surprised they're still giving me opps. But I am guessing their premise is the more people see the new shortened links, the more inclined they are to click them. I earned $6.00 from Sponsored Tweets this month, plus $0.25 from referrals. That makes a total of $20.21 in 6 months. - This service earned me $1.18 or Php57.49 this month, not a lot, but they are still worth joining because of all their events, contests and freebies. I have so far accumulated $18.15 in 9 months.

Adgitize - It's my fault, I still have not been very active on this service and so it only got me $0.36 this month. That totals to $1.05 in 3 months. :p Thinking of dropping this now since I cannot attend to it anyway.

Chitika - I opened Adgitize and Chitika on the same day - and the difference is obvious. I earned $3.70 on Chitika this month, which totals to $6.24 since I began in January. It's catching up, and in the succeeding months, hopefully it will be at par with Adsense or at least at 80%.  Haha.

Blogsvertise - The $2.00 have been paid out to me, finally! I am still on probation status on this service - I have no idea why because my blog is not less than 90 days old nor am I lacking in new content. I don't know. :p

I have sent a request to and but have not heard from them so far. Sponzai and PayPerPost, I am still waiting for an opp to come by. :p

Summarizing - Monetizing

In summary, my online earnings for 2010...
January 2010 = $9.60
February 2010 = $42.00
March 2010 = $15.03
April 2010 = $44.57

I have now earned a total of $111.21 (roughly Php5,300.00) in 4 months, but it is optimistic! Well, in so far as my target is concerned, it's pretty much in the bag. Hehe. Below is the breakdown per site/service of my January to April 2010 online earnings.

How have I performed in the past months? Read:
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Learning more new things

It is a journey, learning how to make money online, one that requires patience - a lot of patience. And as with any "job" you need to work hard for it.  Don't for one second think that this so called "passive" income did not require long hours of tweaking and optimizing, and yes - you  need your brain for this too. :p

Another thing you need is inspiration. Inspiration may be simply your desire to earn money. Or whatever else from your family to your dog. If you run a personal blog like I do, you have to set limits -you wouldn't want to bombard your readers with sponsored posts lest they would feel taken for granted. :)

How did you fare on your online money makers this month? (Much more than me, I hope, haha!) If not, then just keep trying and we'll get there!

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  1. Oh wowwwww. :) Congratulations Rey! That is awesome! I might try one of these sooooon. Hmmmmmm. We'll see. :)

  2. Go for it Noelle! Basta keep writing what you want to write about! Keep your personal blog personal. :)

  3. Well, what can I say. Every big blogger out there had to start from nothing. You seem on the way to making riches online. I've been a small blogger myself along with other buddies, but I've watched others grow their blogs (medyo naiwan nga ako, compared to their earnings, hehehe - as I've chosen to concentrate more on freelancing).

    With that kind of determination, I won't be surprised if you'd be able to brag over P100k earnings over the next few years - and finally decide to quit your job!

    With this kind of blog, I think Adsense would primarily be huge moneymaker. Try infolinks too - I think it'll work well here.

  4. If you are determined, you wont stop reaching your goal.

    I've seen bloggers who started at nothing, then seriously considered quitting their job after they had realized that their blogging earnings is much much more bigger than their day job. Some do it more than 8 hours per day, while other only have to do all the writing in just 2 to 3 hours per day.

    I forgot, yes, infolinks is frown upon by review sites. However, since my site is powered on WP, I could programmatically control which posts contain infolinks and which is not.

    Well, I think the issue with the infolinks is that these appear on the comments. There's a setting that can disable that. :)


  5. Hi John - are you by any chance from Batangas?

    Yep, just be patient - that's the key. Well, at least I hope it is. haha!
    I'm hoping to get my first paycheck this year! yahu!

  6. I agree with you that making money takes time talaga.. I'm also trying hard to get my first paycheck in adsense.. Good Luck to all of us..hehe

  7. Yeah. All the stats shown here will make no sense if there isn't any bigger goal to reach. You're beyond the target for three months in a row, and I think it makes sense to aim for a higher one. Good luck, friend! :-)

  8. Who's that friend kaya? I'm intrigued? hehehe.

    I started blogging too - without the initial intention of earning from them. Like many others I wanted some sort of release through writing (even if I am not too good at it). Eventually I figured out that it's possible to earn a living from these, and now I'm pursuing this means of alternative income (when I'm not busy doing freelance work).

  9. May I know what news blog you are writing on? hehe

  10. I will. Thank youuuu Rey! :) Shall attend to my photo backlogs first! We'll see what happens once I'm done. Hahaha! :)) Good luck!

  11. its such slow going, is it worth it? i feel i don't have enough traffic to attempt this. but, your progress is definitely there! congrats.

  12. wow! papalaki na income mo...

    Keep it up!

  13. You may also try CPALead

  14. huwaw naman ! patulong naman! batang dami mong nakita samantalang ako kulelat pa nga sa adsense at saka sa nuffnang..huhuhu gusto ko kumitang muli after smorty's T_T nagtataka ako kasi 2 years na ung sendorero ko di pa tumataas pagerank? N/A to zero from zero wala na..congrats nga pala..yaman! patulong ! huhu..

  15. hanep ang sideline! I'm also using some of your online advertisers like nuffnang, blogsvertise, sponsored reviews and google adsense.. cheers for more earnings this May!

  16. Maybe it's time for American Idol and Justin Bieber posts? Don't care much for Bieber. Just puzzles me why he keeps showing up on Twitter's trending topics daily... Like the inclusion of the Excel chart. :)

  17. Congrats for that, dude... Just always be patient and your success online is just a few steps ahead. Keep up the good work!

  18. Wow, impressive! Congrats!!! :)

  19. oh that nice.. try these sites too.. payu2blog, buyblogreviews, bloggerreviews, blog4reviews, loudlaunch, socialspark, payperpost....
    the more the merrier right

    have a great day and happy blogging

  20. I would say my favorite is, its not on your list. I actually get most of my paid posts from them. Next is Adsense and Nuffnang...

  21. hey rey! did you get approved in chitika agad? They haven't approved my application yet! :P