Thursday, April 29, 2010

Name the Souvenir Magnets Contest

Collecting Souvenir Refrigerator Magnets

I'm a confused collector. Whenever I travel, I always try to get a Souvenir Refrigerator Magnet, but I also get snow globes, keychains, T-shirts, mugs and whatever else I can afford. :p Well, so far, my ref magnet collection is the biggest one.

Below is a photo of our old refrigerator door with the Souvenir Magnets I've collected over the years. It is a mix of local and internation travel destinations. There are 32 magnets here - can you identify where all of them come from? (Not counting the black GE logo!)

Identify all 32 magnets! Click the photo to view full size.

Join the contest...

Name the Souvenir Magnets Contest!

Let's make it a contest! There is only one requirement: Please describe what the magnets look like and then where it is from - then EMAIL your answers to and leave a comment below to let me know that you joined!

An example: "Black rectangle - General Electric Logo" (lol, this is not one of the magnets!)

Rules and Prizes:
  1. Whoever identifies the most (or all of the) magnets will be featured in my next blog post. (Lol, not much of a prize, but hey it's an uber EASY contest!). I will also give your logo with a link to your blog  a 125x125 ad space on my sidebar for 1 month! :D woot!
  2. There can be more than one winner. I will feature all y'all don't worry. :p
  3. No copying from your seatmates! Lol. :p
  4. This mini contest will run from April 29 to May 15, 2010 only!


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  1. nice contest very interesting,,, haha i can only name a few..

  2. Wow, ayos Rey fridge mom loves to collect those konds of magnets too...maybe my mom could easily become a runaway winner of this contest, :D

  3. whoah! di naman masyado mahirap ano? I can probably guess a few.

  4. I'm not really good at this Rey. Just wanted to give you the best of luck on your contest :)

  5. hmmm masubukan nga hehehe, mom has a refrigerator magnet collection too :)

  6. pwede bang isulat nalang sa photo yung sagot sa ibabaw nung magnet hahaha :))