Friday, June 25, 2010

The Disney Tween in You

The Disney Tween in You

Admit it, you loved the High School Musical series: the class geek transforms into school "it" girl, the basketball jock can sing, and the uber mushy love story between them gives us all goosebumps. For teens and tweens alike, it gives them something to look forward to and dream about. For the tweens at heart, it brings back memories of your high school sweetheart, your high school crush.

If you missed the last of that trilogy which was shown on the big screen, Disney Tweens now offers the High School Musical 3: Extended Edition along with numerous other Disney movies just right for the Tweens and the Tweens at heart...

The awesome folks at Disney have opened up a brand spanking new website for all the Disney Tweens out there. The website provides you direct access to Disney movies like The Princess Diaries Special Edition, Herbie: Fully Loaded, The Cheetah Girls and Jump In! Freestyle Edition. The website features the movies with the biggest Disney stars from Miley Cyrus's Hannah Montana, to the Jonas Brothers and Lindsay Lohan's Confessions of  Teenage Drama Queen.

All these awesome movies right at your fingertips. :)

My favorite Disney Tween movie

I would say the favorite Disney Tween movie of the lot would be the first Princess Diaries. I thought Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews made a perfect grandma-grand daughter pairing. And the scenes during her transformation from wicked to Princess was hilarious.

What was your favorite Disney Tween movie?

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  1. hi! We have not gotten into the H.S musical, so I did not read all this post, so as to not spoil the plot when we finally see the trilogy. But I know people LOVE it!