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"Earning 10 in 2010" - June Online Earnings Update

Earning 10 in 2010 - Online Earnings Update

Welcome to the June 2010 edition of my Online Earnings Update. :) It is an interesting month for my online earnings, first because of the dramatic drop of my Google Adsense earnings and what caused it, and second, how much can you actually earn via the new service of Sponsored Tweets.

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If it is your first time reading this, I've decided to blog about my online earnings monthly on my Twitter account, and my Personal Blog.  I am not actively pursuing this earning online business - I'm posting twice a week about things I usually blog about, receiving around 150 unique hits per day, and am only spending at most 1 to 2 hours daily writing and promoting my blog because of my busy work schedule.

If you are in the same situation, I invite you to share what you know and how your efforts have been fruitful. If you are a newbie like me, then read on and join me on this journey!

See how much I earned online this month...

Break it down!

Sponsored Reviews - $25.00 -If there was one service I would recommend you to apply for, it would be Sponsored Reviews. You may not be able to earn a consistent amount every month, but actually, if you get the right opportunities, it can earn you money much faster than Google Adsense. In the last 6 months, I've accumulated $67.50 on Sponsored Reviews.

Google Adsense - $2.29 - A dramatic drop from the last 3 months when I was averaging at around $10 a month, this month was a surprisingly low $2.29 - what the heck happened?! If it wasn't for my other earning services, I would have missed my $10 target this month.

See, i was trending Google Adsense earnings vs. Ad impressions and it shows clearly that my ad impressions were increasing but my earnings have stopped. Gasp! :p I have 1 theory - ad color template. I changed it last month to make it more "visible" and well, it seems it backfired on me.

I changed it back to see if things will change. Find out in next month's update (that means go ahead and subscribe to this blog!) - Php0.00 - Zip. No earnings from Nuffnang this month, although I was able to accumulate around Php200.00 it has not yet been credited to my Earnings. Maybe next month. But there is an exciting new promo on Nuffnang for KFC Krushers. I suggest you head on over there to read about it. :)

Sponsored Tweets - $7.33 - Broken down to $6 from actual opps, $1.19 from PayPerClick tweets and the rest from referrals. That means around 16% of my month's Sponsored Tweets earnings are from PPC tweets. Is it worth the effort or not? You decide!

Chitika - $0.11 - Is it going to rev up soon? Or is it running at all? I have no idea. But the high hopes I had for Chitika are beginning to diminish. I'll give it another month before I decide! 

Adgitize - $0.28 - So, I've been procrastinating in letting go of this service, and so it still sits there on my sidebar being clutter. :p The 6-month total is now a whopping $1.67 - argh! Should I just give up on this one now?
Online earnings per service - 1st half 2010

Summarizing - Monetizing

In summary, my online earnings for 2010 so far...

January 2010 = $9.60
February 2010 = $41.00
March 2010 = $15.98
April 2010 = $44.60
May 2010 = $20.40
June 2010 =  $35.01

I have so far earned a total of $166.60 (roughly Php7,800.00) in the first half of 2010.  Not quite impressive (lol!) but, it's a start. I only need to make it at a sustainable pace. Hopefully I will be getting my first Google Adsense and first Nuffnang paycheck in a few month's time. Fingers crossed! :) 

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Online Earning Tips and Lessons this month

So what did I learn this month?
  • I learned that even though there are numerous services that pay you to post an ad or a review on your blog, you have to remember that putting it on your blog automatically gives it YOUR stamp of approval - no matter what kind of disclaimer you put there. :p So make sure you post only about things you really approve of or are sure about!
  • Google Adsense ad placement plays a big part of your eventual earnings so make sure you try it out and monitor it's performance so that you can optimize it. :)

What did you learn this month?

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