Monday, July 26, 2010

Ask Me Anything Formspring, you!

No, I do not have a account, and I do not intend to create one - I do not think I have the time nor the energy to manage another online account. But I do realize why Formsping has become quite the phenomenon - people just cannot resist answering a question.

Questions are in fact a key tool in Learning. When you are giving a lecture or even just presenting a report, a question triggers the audience's brains to answer even when you are not addressing them directly.

The whole concept of the lie detector test basically hinges on this particular human necessity - your body answers the questions for you even before you actually say anything...

Questions on Formspring range from serious to silly - questions like
"What is your nickname?"
"What's the oldest piece of clothing you still own and wear?"
"What kind of music can you just not stand to listen to?"
"How would you spend a million dollars?"

And a whole lot of other irresistible questions. :p

Ask Me Anything

So, even though I won't be making a Formspring account anytime soon, I've decided to join in the fun, and try it out on this one highly interactive post.

It's your chance now to ask me anything - I promise to answer every question. :) Oh, and reward everyone who asks with a linkback. :D

On top of that, I will give a prize for the most interesting question I receive. ;)

Ask me anything - You can put it in the comments section below. Or you can put it in the shoutbox at the bottom of the page if you wish to remain anonymous. :p
Ask me anything - seriously... opinion, clarifications, likes, dislikes... I will post all my answers on this blog post! :p

Ready, Set, Fire away!

Questions? and Answers.

Read the really thought provoking Questions andmy answers after the jump...

Noelle of Her Name is Noelle asks: "Have you been to Cebu?"

Argh! Nope. :p I've been twice around the world and never been to Cebu. Can you believe it? My gf Liz went there on a business trip already and so the chance of me going in the near future is slim. :( What's your favorite thing about Cebu that I need to do/see/eat/experience when I eventually visit?

Jan of Writing to Exhale asks: "Have you had a romantic relationship in the past which makes you slap your forehead today and mutter under your breath, "What got into me for crying out loud!" I'm not interested in who, but why."

Lol! Jan! Haha... Well, thankfully, none in my adult life. I haven't really had a lot of romantic relationships. The truth is, when I was growing up, I had no idea what to do around pretty girls. I found them intimidating. And how I now have the prettiest girl in the world in my arms still baffles me. Daily.
What's your follow up question? :p

Jan of Writing to Exhale asks: "Seriously, why is your blog reticent about you and Liz, except for the occasional pictures and mentions in your posts? It's not as if we were interested in finding out who snores the loudest and who has got the most ridiculous tattoo between the two of you. Us common folks are interested in that magical bond, you know."

I'll leave Liz to answer that "what's gotten into her" question... haha!

There is actually a serious answer to your serious question, that is I am saving that story for a special occasion. ;) For now I guess I can say... We've been together for 7 years now, been through some tough times, rough patches, and all that shebang - but we're in love, so we're still together. Hehe! I'm also not big on being mushy in public (and well, this blog is "public").

Roy of The Struggling Blogger asks: "Will you sing one of my compositions"

Oh wow, OF COURSE Roy! :D I'd be honored to sing your composition.
As a singer, it is an amazing feeling to be singing an original song. I find it very flattering that you would ask me to. :)

Jhong of Jhong Medina's Life in Dasmariñas asks: "Can singing be learned? What I mean, even you don't have  the talent, can you still be a good singer? hehehehe I love singing but singing doesn't love me... I envy those people who can sing well. Any tips?

That's an interesting question Jhong! :D My short answer is Yes, singing can be learned. Sure, some people, more than others, have the gift of music and melody and rhythm. But like riding a bicycle, singing can be learned just like talking can be learned. It's got to do with making the movement of your "singing muscles" like a habit. Practice makes it easier to do or you can do it better than before. Maybe to illustrate, when I joined the choir in the year 2000, I had no idea (no idea!) how to hit notes that I can now sing with ease.

Now, the long answer is (hehehe) that - it depends... on how far away from the actual notes you are singing. Harhar! There is of course a minimum - you can follow the melody, you can follow the rhythm - then you can sing! But having said that - it doesn't matter! If you love to sing, then, for heaven's sake SING! :) Singing is Fun, it is an expression of your personality, it is freedom of expression. :D

DiTesco of iBlogZone asks: "What Would Yo Do For $5?"

Haha! That's actually a tough question - it made me think about how much value I attach to links and tweets and such. Hmmm... But with no 10k Twitter followers to leverage on, how do I market my online self for a $5 fee?
Let me put it in perspective, $5 is about Php250, or equivalent to a cup of Starbucks coffee and a slice of cake.
"For only $5, I will write you a 300-word book report! Good grammar and spelling! Good enough to get an A!" That's amazingly cheap, my market would be high school kids. Hahaha!

Roy of The Struggling Blogger asks: "Do you consider rapping, singing? I want your honest answer Rey ;)"

No I don't. But that doesn't mean I do not respect the mad skills of rappers. They are modern day poets, really, the way they rearrange words to fit into beats and rhythms, how they are able to convey ideas in unique and interesting ways, awesome! I wish I could rap, but I can't. :p (I tried, hahaha!)

Justin of Dragon Blogger asks: "Did you have any dreams or aspirations that you gave up on?"

I had a lot of aspirations when I was growing up - I wanted to be a doctor, a lawyer, a pilot, a painter, and a travel photographer among others. I suppose you can say I've "given up" on those already.

But really if there was one dream I regret giving up on is my dream to be a stage actor. ;) Hehe.
Roy of The Struggling Blogger asks: "Can you or have you performed an upbeat song ala Gary V?"

Funny you should ask Roy. Hehe. I was actually a member of my high school hip-hop dance club "Sagala" (short for Sayaw-Galaw which means Dance-Move). I joined when I was a junior, we were the first "auditioned" batch because it was created just a year before that. I had a lot of fun in that group - dancing to "Gettin' Jiggy wit it" and songs from Puff Daddy and Omarion. Woot! I was so hip hop in high school. Lol!

Jena Isle of Gewgaw Writings asks: "Have you ever tasted sisig and buro? If not, then when are you coming here, so Roy, Paige and I will treat you at Mr."
I love Sisig! We order it all the time! Buro on the other hand - that's the fermented stuff right? I remember making buro for a class back in my elementary schoolboy days, and being really grossed out about it. Hehehe. If it's gross out food - you'd probably have a difficult time making me eat some. Hehe! I'm not as adventurous as Holly - I don't even eat Balut! :p Or goat!
Mr. Frosty sounds like a dessert place, though. Haha! Now dessert, I like. :D When am I going there? Aw, that's something we'll have to schedule yet!
Heather of OMG! I'm SO Sure asks: "What would you be willing to die for?"

I have this delusion of invincibility.
I cannot die - especially if I am fighting for the people I Love. I suppose then, I cannot say that I am willing to die for Love - but that I am willing to fight for Love. If someone tells me that dying is the only end to fighting for Love, then I am blind to that inevitability.
Holly of It's All a Matter of Perspective asks: "Why?"

Because children play and babies cry
Because tomorrow may be too late to try
Because in this world I must occupy
Because my mistakes I must rectify

Because ostriches never learned to fly
Because someone thinks I'm willing to die
Because innocents need an alibi
Because Holly asked me the question - "Why?"

Madz of My Unrevealed Thoughts asks: "Why they did not shoot Saito to death on the first level of their dream when killing someone from a dream would wake him up?"
Let me begin by saying I was just as confused intrigued and interested as you after watching Inception. :p For your first question, I believe it's because of the sedative they took. If Saito dies at the first dream level, he goes into limbo as well.
Madz of My Unrevealed Thoughts asks: "Cobb and Saito met at Limbo, how? If Cobb died at the fourth level, he should have woken up right?"

I think "Limbo" is not a separate place in the dreamworld, rather it is the state at which you have lost the distinction between what is real and what is a dream. If Cobb had died on the dream level 4 and woke up at dream level 3 - he doesn't know he's still in a dream.

Madz of My Unrevealed Thoughts asks: "After the fall of the van on the bridge and hit the water, Cobb is still on his sleep. Why? Isn't falling on the bridge and hitting the water is the KICK that they need to wake up?"

Yes, but not if Cobb thinks he's already dead on dream level 4 or that his reality is now dream level 3 - Limbo rock!
Holly of It's All a Matter of Perspective asks: "For $5, will you write a 500-word blog post on why a $5 book report bought from a stranger on the Internet is not worthy of an A, no matter how beautifully written it is?"
For that, I wouldn't need $5, Holly. Hehe.
This won't be a 500-word blog post but just to emphasize - students need to focus on self development, education, training your brain to think analytically, focusing on one subject long enough to write a 300-word book report. Your experience, your knowledge, your skills - and your diploma - stay with your for your whole life, plus they're all recession proof!
Eric of Blog De Manila asks: "How many people donated for your DSLR savings?"
None so far. Haha. I should just take it down. What do you think? :p
Eric of Blog De Manila asks: "Do you want to increase your Adgitize earnings?"

Whoops. I've actually let Adgitize go. For now at least. I am not able to give it the attention it needs for it to even begin to prosper so I've decided to let it go. :(

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  1. How many people donated for your DSLR savings?

  2. Do you want to increase your Adgitize earnings?

  3. ""For only $5, I will write you a 300-word book report! Good grammar and spelling! Good enough to get an A!" That's amazingly cheap, my market would be high school kids. Hahaha!"

    For $5, will you write a 500-word blog post on why a $5 book report bought from a stranger on the Internet is not worthy of an A, no matter how beautifully written it is?