Thursday, November 12, 2009

How personal is your personal blog?

A couple of evenings ago, I received a comment on my Facebook account from my sister who now works in Singapore. She said my "fans" in Singapore are waiting for my video blog. (Lol @ fans!) Also, madam Jena Isle has also been requesting for my YouTube vid singing "Stand By Me", one of her favorite songs. I had promised her this a few months ago already. :p But to date, I haven't posted a decent singing vlog yet.

Are you still waiting for it?

My singing posts

I've posted two singing vids so far.

The first was a Filipino acoustic Christian song titled "Lagi Na Lang" which I recorded back in college for my auntie's church's (former) Pastor.

The second was a test video I did in my car while stuck in traffic along C5. There I sampled an acapella version of Josh Groban's "To Where You Are".

I was dead set on doing a new one after having learned how to edit and convert videos to mpeg, and upload to youtube. I had even made practice vids. Lol. "So, why the hesitation now?" you ask. You see, it got me thinking...

Your online persona

Because of the very nature of eternity of the blogosphere, whatever we post on the internet has the potential to stay there for, well, a very very long time. Maybe even long after we're all gone.

I am concerned about my online persona affecting my "real life" work. I work in an industry of serious people, mostly nerds and geeks, me included - do you think a video of me singing on the internet would help support an image of "responsibility" or "seriousness"? If I become a manager in the (near) future, is a singing vlog really something I would want my subordinates to be watching and heckling about on YouTube?

On a more general note, when my blog had virtually no readers, I was more carefree (or careless) about what I wrote about. I didn't care much about grammar, or making a clear purpose for a post. I would write about failed exams and rant about the weather. I would post bad reviews without thinking of potential consequences - but I was young then, I was allowed to be silly and crazy and emo.

I am no longer young. I am at the beginning of a hopefully long and fruitful career.

Nowadays, I filter what I post, I do not write about things that I may potentially regret writing about. I write only about what I want to share.

I am a professional. I am a mechanical engineer.

But does it really matter? Is my concern misplaced? I have confided about this with Liz and another friend and they both say they see nothing wrong with posting a singing vlog. But heck, I'm still not convinced.

How about you?
Do you wear your heart on your sleeve? Or on your blog?
How much of yourself do you give for the whole world to see?

How personal is your personal blog?

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