Saturday, November 14, 2009

Walkin' round campus, Diliman Republic and a celebrity Doctor

The University of the Philippines Diliman Oblation

Last weekend, I went to UP Diliman to have lunch with a couple of friends at Chocolate Kiss Cafe and get my copies of the "Inspirational Thoughts and Stories of Bloggers from All Over the World".

I got a little sentimental walking around the campus that I decided to visit the UP College of Music where I found Quennie rehearsing a UPCC Trainee. I went to the UP Shopping Center to buy some new UP shirts but found none to my liking, also passed by to greet good 'ole Oble and take some of his photos.

You are all welcome to use them, but please link back to my blog. Here are a couple more:
 Click to see full sized photos

Speaking of UP Shirts though, this past week, a fellow UP Alum sent me a link to a new clothing link specifically for UP Alumni. Great designs! Check it out:

I especially like the "Dugong Diliman" shirt. Hopefully they put out more designs with UP-related icons like the Blue Book, the Sunken Garden, the Kalayaan Dormitory, the Fishball...nom nom nom...

Manong Fishball cooked a fresh batch of fishballs just for me. Only 10 pesos for 20 pieces!
This fishball stand is the one behind the UP College of Engineering, in front of the Yakal Dormitory. Here's a photo of one side of "Engg".

And lastly, here's the photo of me, the good PBB celebrity Doctor Z (eat that other celebrity doctors! lol.) and UP grad-Twitterer Edsel. We had a great lunch and some great conversations at the Chocolate Kiss Cafe. [Thanks guys for bringing my books!]

Check out Doc Z's cameo on Pinoy Big Brother here!

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