Monday, January 25, 2010

Haiti Death Toll reaches 150,000 - Please send help

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Haiti Earthquake

I live in a country where natural disasters are commonplace - earthquakes, typhoons, erupting volcanoes, floods - you name it, we've gone through it for sure. But even though year in and year out we experience these tests, nothing really prepares you for it...

I know too well how the Haitians feel, and the tears cloud my eyes as I write this post. It has been almost two weeks since the earthquake hit Haiti and they have now raised the death toll to 150,000.  Some reports fear that number may even double.

Can you even picture 150,000 dead people?

Haiti death toll tops 150,000

I couldn't picture it in my mind - 150,000 people.
For comparison, below is a photo of a football stadium with a capacity of 106,201.

My apologies if some of you are put off by the image I am implying - but I needed to see how many people I needed to pray for.

I hope you realize it too. They need our help.

Photo from Wikipedia.

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  1. 150,000 people. That's a lot to wrap your mind around. I know, though, that you can picture one or two, all too clearly, and that's enough for you. If each of us could help just one, it would make a huge difference.

  2. I wonder how far the recovery efforts have come after the tsunami in 2004, and how much is left to do there, as well.

    It seems there's just one overwhelming disaster after another, these days. Am I just more aware of these things now, or has it been like this for the last 45-50 years or more?

  3. That's a tragic picture, Rey, It's unimaginable without the picture. It 's utterly sad.

  4. You're right. The scale of this tragedy is unimaginable.

  5. Hi Rey. That image helped me visualize the Haiti tragedy. God be with us all.

  6. We've all been through a disaster at least once in our lives, the less luckier ones several times over, but never in this scale.

    That's the perfect word for it - unimaginable. :(

  7. Hi Tessa. Yes, it did for me too. God Bless.

  8. This tragedy opens our eyes on how fragile humans are. The disaster could happen anytime, anywhere and we should be grateful for still alive. The Haitians desperately in need of all the help they can get. May God bless the volunteers who are still there and the poor souls who are restless over the lost of loved ones and family. May God continue to be with them. Hopefully no more death..

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  9. Hi Ching, It's now been 2 weeks and I'm afraid those who have not been
    rescued by now would have very slim chances of survival under all that
    rubble. I understand the Haiti government has already declared rescue
    efforts over so they can concentrate on relief operations.

    Let's also pray for the living - that they recover quickly from this