Thursday, January 21, 2010

PSHS Batch 2010 - Nov 7, 2009 Exam Results are out!

Congratulations to the passers of the November 7, 2009 National Competitive Exams for the Philippine Science High School Batch 2010!

Click here and search for the new scholar's name: PSHS

PSHS Hymn (Filipino version)

Philippine Science High
Patuloy mong itinataas
Kaming ‘yong mga anak
Sa paglinang ng aming kakayahan

O, Philippine Science High
Dunong mo’y patnubay
Sa aming pangarap, sa aming hinahangad
Na katotohanang lantay

Philippine Science High
Sa aming puso’y lumalago
At sa’n man magtungo,
Magpapatuloy sa dagat ng buhay

O, Philippine Science High
Liwanag mo’y tanglaw
Sa amin ay gabay sa landas ng buhay
At dakilang minimithi

(Translated from English to Filipino by my Pisay Batchmates. Hehe.)

Read the story of when I found out I passed Pisay: "PSHS Entrance Exams will be on Nov 7"

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  2. Hey ReyJr, don't tell everyone that the are already the list of the results 2010. you fuckin bastards. you are on the wrong post! bullshit!!!!

  3. Congratulations sa mga naging scholars....

    By the way Rey... In add na kita sa blog list ko...

    Nice meeting you

  4. Congrats to these brilliant kids.