Saturday, January 02, 2010

2009 Reyjr Travel Blog Recap

One of my favorite things about this blog is that it doubles as my travel blog. The fact that it is a personal travel blog allows me to write freely about the places I visit.

My travel blog pages have also become a sort of photo album - photos with captions and stories to go with them. What a wonderful idea, don't you think?

Fishes, Beaches and Pine in 2009

Here are my 2009 Travel posts to date and the months when they were published. Some of them I visited this year, other I visited a long time ago but only got to write about it now. Here goes...

Not bad, I think. :D

So many places, so little time

More places to blog about in 2010 - watch out for posts about my recent trip to Bacarra, Ilocos Norte and Paoay Church, and hopefully a couple more posts about our adventures in Singapore.

If I could find the time, I'd love to dig up my old tour memorabilia and do maybe one specific destination per month - mix the old travel stories with the new ones.

All those amazing travel stories! Ah! I would love to share with all of you how I got lost in Vienna, toured romantic Paris, lost my batteries in Milan, made a snow-wo-man named Roseburg and almost froze to death in San Francisco.

Watch out for those and more on Reyjr Travel Blog in 2010! Woot!

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  1. it would be great to travel more often talaga

  2. Ooooh! You were here pala in Baguio last April. Yun lang di pa kita kilala. Galing ng mga places you guys visited here. Babalik ka ba dito? We should have a meetup!

  3. ang daming travel adventures! ayos! looking forward for more travel posts this 2010! kahit makibasa na lang ako sayo since hindi ko naman kakayanin kung ako ang magtatravel! hehehe

  4. Vienna. Paris. Milan. Wow, old Europe. Yes, please write more about your adventures abroad. Always fascinating stuff for us desk-bound mortals. :)

  5. Yes yes yes.
    Hehe. It's addictive. It's my drug of choice. Lol.

  6. Hi Gem! Yes we were! Sayang naghahanap pa naman kami ng tour guide. hehe. We got uber lost around the city and the parking was really difficult. Haha. But we had tremendous fun nonetheless. I'd love to go back again. :) Will let you know!

  7. Di ba nga pupunta tayong Manila Ocean Park? Hehehe. Or how about the IMAX Theater in Mall of Asia - I haven't been there. woot!

  8. I will try Lolo Jan, I'm actually really excited to write about it. I'll have to squeeze it in my schedule.

    I'd love to write about them tapos compile them all in a series of short stories with photos. Coool.

  9. It's true. Mahirap magpark dito sa Baguio. May schedule ang parking on some areas of the city. Number coded na rin dito - hehehe! Marami na kasing residents dito sa Baguio, that's why.

  10. Why not write a travel book? If you need help or questions, we've great and
    helpful published writers in our group, you know. Or an e-book. If it's an
    e-book you can make it a giveaway in exchange for subscription to your
    blog. Well, here I go again... LOL

  11. That would be wonderful actually - if I could remember more details about my travels. It's hard sometimes to try to bring yourself back - the feelings, the smells, the sounds - it's better to write while you're in the moment talaga, well, for me at least.

    I'll let the idea settle a little. I wonder if Memoirs of a Chorister would sell as much as Memoirs of a Geisha? Hehehe...

  12. Nilalakad lang ang cathedral at palengke, or one short jeepney ride going around town. Haha. Taxis are generally safe and cheap here, yun lang pag tag-ulan o kaya rush hours, mahirap sumakay ng isa - so I highly recommend bringing your own transport here.

  13. Limited lang ang parking lot sa city hehe. Most of the time lalakad ka ng bundok kasi mahirap magpark. May mga paid parking pero napupuno rin ang mga yun. Di kami nagpapark sa market kasi puro mga sakayan ng jeeps doon - that's why traffic doon.

    I plan to open a blog/site about Baguio. Hehe. Hopefully anytime this year.

  14. It will have brisk sales, not to worry. The book jacket should show off
    your abs. LOL