Monday, January 18, 2010

UPCAT 2010 Results - Congrats Cousin!

Congratulations to the 2010 UPCAT passers, most especially to my cousin, Justin!

For the full list of UPCAT 2010 Results, click this link: UPCAT Results Online

Some advice from Kuya Reyjr

A short note to the Freshmen Batch 2010...

       It is very fitting that you begin a new chapter of your lives, and a new decade on an election year. You, young men and women will be the future leaders of our nation - not necessarily in politics, but in businesses, in media, in engineering, in film and television, in medicine, in banking and finance, in the arts - wherever your interests may lead you, you are expected to be a leader.

Now, when I say leader, I do not mean you need to become your firm's CEO at 30 years old.  No.  Leadership can be shown at every level of an organization, in any group, big or small. Leadership is being decisive and accountable for your decisions.  Leadership is being strategic and innovative.  Leadership is being perceptive and intuitive.  Leadership is being resilient and yet quick to adapt to change.  Leadership is about being trustworthy.

It falls upon your shoulders, Isko and Iska, to lead. You owe it to the Filipino people who are subsidizing your education.

Now, go study how to be a great leader.  Remember, much is learned in a classroom, but not everything can be taught in a classroom.  ;)

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  1. Congratulations to your cousin, ReyJr! And how sweet of you to impart advice to them. Touching. :)

  2. Thanks Heather! :D I felt I should. Hehe. After all, it's an election year this year.

    My freshman year in UP was 11 years ago. Haha. Amazing how fast time flies.

  3. Congratulations to your Cousin Rey!! May pinagmanahan naman db? :)

    BTW, were you invited on Century Bangus Bloggers' meet this coming Saturday?

  4. Thanks! Haha, mana sa pinagmanahan!

    Yes I was. And yes, there's a big chance I will be going, but I'm not staying until 3PM. I'm going to a wedding at 330pm in Makati. :p See you there?

  5. Such insightful words of wisdom , Rey. Indeed not everything is taught in the classroom.

    We call you," iskolar ng bayan" and we expect you to be the flag bearer of this generation. Brilliant kids and great minds, good luck to all of you.

  6. That's great Rey!!! Kita-kits nalang. I will be bringing along my blogger
    friend/officemate/running buddy. Ü

  7. Cool. At least may kakilala na ako. hehe. Mag isa lang ako pupunta e. :(

  8. Congrats to all UPCAT 2010 passers and to your cousin much! Inspiring message huh and I love it! 'I am the leader of my future.' Yes I do!

  9. Hindi ko kakayaning pumuntang mag-isa dahil maliligaw ako, he he he :)

  10. congrats to your cousin, rey! isko na rin sya. but i heard the tuition is more expenive now compared to the previous years.

    i remembered when i was in UP high, not all of us dreamt of going to UP for college. limited lang kasi courses sa UPV Cebu campus.

  11. Congrats to your cousin Rey and to all passers.Though I got my MPA from U.P. Manila I know it's quite tough to start undergrad courses there.

    Ya right be a leader in your own level and generation...

    More challenges and frustrations to come so adapt and adjust your level of tolerance/frustration freshmen to be...Seniors and many alumni like Rey Jr are survivors so follow the lead.

  12. Miss Oble much... I remember how delighted I was when I saw my name on the list - not only because it's UP - WOAW!... but also because I didn't take entrance exams elsewhere. Nway, Congratulations to your cousin :) May he be the Isko who advocates, inspires, and initiates changes which are much needed by the society....

  13. The tuition fee is more than double since during my time in UP. There were a lot of factors they considered though, including strengthening the scholarship system.

    UP High in Manila no longer accepts incoming high school freshmen - during my time they did and I actually took an exam for it too. I suppose ganun sa Cebu?

  14. i think they're also gonna close UP high in Cebu too. Some Alumni, including those in congress, are fighting against the closure.