My favorite photos from Nemie and Sherwin's Wedding

I take too many photos, really. Haha. But these are my favorite shots from my friend Nemie's wedding to Sherwin on Dec 26, 2009.

While the bride was walking down the aisle, the groom was actually crying tears of joy - then he was all smiles as he hugged the bride's father.

We sang for the wedding and while waiting up at the choir loft, took more photos. I like how Nikos and the church's windows are reflected on Oneal's sunglasses on this one:

Still at the choir loft, I liked how the sun illuminated my friend Ging in this candid photo:

Happy designs at the reception venue:

Congratulations Nemie and Sherwin!

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  1. wow, astig bro! Ikaw na ba sunod, hehehehe!

    Happy New Year Bro! :D

  2. Wow, ayos yan bro...tagakain kami ah...ehehhe!


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  3. Haha. :p What did you think of the photos pare? Eh yung 3rd photo? *wink*

  4. nice photos! hapi nu yir! XD

  5. Thanks FS Emz. At Happy New Year din sa iyo! Sana sa bagong taon ay hindi ka na ma-frustrate. :D

  6. Congratulations and Best Wishes to your friends Rey.

    I love your last shot. Seems like you are now on a new career? Photography?

  7. Haha Thanks. Napatingala lang ako ang thought it would make a cute photo.
    Did you know a lot of people do not look up unless provoked? When I learned this, I made it a point to look up every time I visit a new place. heheh.

  8. Really? That was new to me Rey. So, titingala na rin ako next time, he he


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