Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My mind on a Syzygy

My mind bleeps in short bursts of thought. Inconsistent.
I start a sentence and terminate a phrase.
Don't terminate. Don't terminate my space.

Overwhelmed with anger at the sheer audacity.
Disillusioned. My idealism shattered. Insanity.
Stupefied by the blatant neglect. Or ignorance?
For the answers we know to the questions we dare not ask.

For all this craziness, who has most to gain when we have the most to lose?

I've lost my rhyme and rhythm.
A dissonance. A nuance. A knot in my nape that cannot be undone.
Should I resign myself and brace for the impact?

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  1. I like the one word descriptions, forceful and meaningful. The author's state of mind is almost palpable. Bravo, Rey, you're a poet!

  2. Hayy Rey...its hard to stay positive, but yes...the best thing to do is not to worry too much. You will be okay whatever happens *Hug* Love you

  3. The knot in your nape - has it gone away? I'm praying it does soon if it hasn't already. I'm hesitant to say cheers - might not help at all. Some dissonance are pesky and can't be simply showed the door like uninvited guests. Let me say though you're born on a syzygy. If there's someone who can tame this cosmic dissonance it's you. I believe the entire cosmos will conspire to let you do that. Give it time.

  4. Hesitate to read too much into this, but it does sound familiar - muscle relaxers help, but certainty helps more.

  5. Thanks Holly - my preferred muscle relaxer is a massage on the beach at sunset. Hehe. :D

    I'm comforted that despite the fact the you and the other readings have no idea what I am talking about, you still comment and give support. :) Thank you!

  6. Thanks LJ. The knot is still there and tighter than ever. Oh, if this pesky issue could only be shown the door, I'd have kicked it out by now. Unfortunately, it is larger than me - more cosmic-like than you may have intended in your comment.

    Few will get the double entendre of the title of this post.

  7. cool verse reyjr. i woder have we all been there?