Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hall of Fame: Filipino Blog of the Week

My 5-week run at the Filipino Blog of the Week has ended on a high note!

Today, talksmart of The Composed Gentleman has elevated Born on a Syzygy~ to the Filipino Blog of the Week Hall of Fame after dominating the blog voting this week with 196 votes. This was the 2nd win for me, the first one was on the first week that I was a nominee (March 21-27). See my rankings for the 5-week run on the sidebar.

The prizes below come with the win! Click images to take you to the Filipino Blog of the Week definition and list of past winners...

Because of this week's win, "~Syzygy" will also be featured again on The Composed Gentleman's site for this whole week.

It was really an amazing voting week for me. I actually was not promoting the contest as much as I had done during the first week, and yet the votes kept coming it. I received more votes this week than any other week prior. So for everyone who took the time out to vote for me, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Did you vote for me? Please leave a comment below so I can thank you!


  1. congrats man! great accomplishment.

  2. Thanks for the support Brian, Pablo & Deedee!

  3. CONGRATS! Mabuhay ang mga taga-Pisay! Woo-hoo! Welcome to the club.

  4. thanks for the visit..congrats for being a winner!!

  5. my vote's with you again and again.. for the nth win!:)

  6. Congratulations! There are many great reads so people do come back. Keep it up!

  7. Thanks Sagada Igorot! We should form a club! lol.
    @Euroangel - ur welcome. I'll be coming back to visit again soon. ;)
    @fren - I knew you were voting for me! wee! haha. Thanks!
    @jonathan - thanks man, please do come back again! i love comments! haha.

  8. Looks like you didn't need my vote to win!
    (It is a good thing that you are "fascinated by awesomeness". You should definitely be very fascinated by me, then.)

  9. haha! @ R Max. hey hey, voting's over. I've won already. :p