Saturday, April 11, 2009

Photographs: Good Friday Procession

For the first time in a long time, I joined a procession in my home baranggay of Santolan, Pasig. The procession went around the whole baranggay and then back to our local church the Santo Tomas de Villanueva Parish Church where I used to sing with the choir and was commentator for the "children's mass" on Saturdays. Liz and I walked with the huge throng of people (must've been more than 500 people there...) but only for a little bit coz we had to leave for the province.

More photos below...

Armed with candles and fans, we joined the throng of mourners, remembering Jesus Christ's death on this Good Friday.

Happy Easter (tomorrow)!


  1. Traditions all around the world... thanks for sharing yours.

  2. Hello Reyjr,

    thank you for sharing your easter activities with us.
    and do you eat chocolate eggs too....

  3. I really like the blur in your procession shots.

  4. Lizzy: And thank you from the visit!
    Brian: Happy easter!!
    Delwyn: Sure do. I love chocolate eggs. :D Send me some 'kay. Haha.
    Michael: Thanks. I had to lean against a coconut tree to steady my hand.

  5. great job on the photos. got a link to your blog from the COMPOSED GENTLEMAN's site. hope you do well in the voting for this week.

    i'm also an alumnus of pisay (batch 92) and up diliman (batch 97). of course, that must be more than a dozen years before you set foot on these institutions, hehehe. keep up the great work!

    cheers from a,

  6. hi Sagada-Igorot! thanks!
    not a lot actually! I was pisay batch 99! and up diliman batch '05. :D