Friday, April 24, 2009

"See pictures of my boxers"

On a friend's blogsite...

kaich: "Early this morning, we got a call from our security office: they have an unclaimed boxer, approximately 8 months old, who has no one to care for her..."

kaich: "We can't keep her at home anymore because our house is full and our resources are short for the care of another, but she's so sweet I want to make sure she finds a nice home."

Friend #1: "me"

Friend #2: "Awwww, cutie doggie!"

Friend #3: "aww kawawa! but with the house i have now, my cats would do anything in their power to drive her out..."

Friend #4: "Hey, I'd gladly take it. I can pick it up anytime. You can also check out my site and see the pictures of some of my boxers under one of my blogs about our boxers. Please pick me. "

reyjr: "Hahahahaha!!! >>> "You can also check out my multiply site and see the pictures of some of my boxers..." HAHAHAHAH!

kaich: "Rey! This is a GP blog entry! Your green mind is off limits!"

reyjr: "What??! I wasn't the one inviting people to see my boxers! :p :p :p"

Wanna see my boxers? Hahaha!!!
And by the way, I don't have any boxers... what I have instead are ...

Yorkshire Terriers! (what did you think?)


  1. cute pics of the dogs! funny conversation.

  2. CUTE! it makes me wanna cuddle it. Is it a pure breed? medyo rare na ngayon yung mga terrier na pure, minsan may kahalo na ewan (askal! haha) anyway, thanks for dropping by my blog!

  3. Hi! Reyjr,
    I think both Terriers are very cute!!!!
    Tks, for sharing!...I also agree with Brian Miller, a very interesting conversation too!....
    Deedee ;-D

  4. @Brian - i know, right? they're my sister's dogs btw, not mine. lol!

    @Adrian - They are! :)

    @Deedee - cute doggies. :D

  5. The little guys seem so full of life.

  6. @Michael - there are actually 2 puppies almost 1 month old now. And yes, they're both so full of life. My mom has a hard time running after them!

  7. The pic of your boxer is appealing, but it's the terrier for me. Wow, look at those soulful eyes. Who needs a friend if you've a terrier. Wala lang. Ahehehe. Nice play on words, naughty boy. :)

  8. Since this was taken one of the Yorkies have been sold (the male one) and the female one turned out really pretty. My sister hasn't sold her yet. :D

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