Thursday, April 30, 2009

"I have Aquaphobia"

A Theme Thursday post

Actually, no I DON'T have Aquaphobia. (sorry, lol!)
But I could very well have developed a fear of water after having experienced two, shall we say, "watery" accidents.
"...getting an anxiety attack when splashed with water..."
What is Aquaphobia anyway? Aquaphobia is an abnormal and persistent fear of water. Not to be confused with "Hydrophobia" (which is also fear of water but in a more I've-been-bitten-by-a-dog kind of way), Aquaphobia is manifested by avoiding activities such as swimming or boating, and may extend to getting an anxiety attack when splashed with water or thrown into a pool.

Wikipedia explains further that Aquaphobia may be "a reaction to a traumatic water experience - a near drowning or other such event."

The first of two events happened in Feb 1999... It was our graduating year in high school, and one of our friends was celebrating her 18th birthday (traditionally called the "Debutante"). It was a formal afternoon party followed by a swimming party. Unfortunately I had a bit of a fever that day and so I decided not to go swimming. After the formal event, I was just lounging around the pool watching some of my friends swim.

"...I found myself flying through the air and down into the deep end..."

While I was standing near the 6-feet deep side of the pool, I suddenly felt a jolt and found myself flying through the air and down into the deep end of the swimming pool. Someone has pushed me in as a prank!!! Mind you, I was all dressed up in my slacks and leather shoes. It was too deep for me I don't even remember reaching the bottom (yep, I'm that short...) and when I finally surfaced, the panic began.

I was trying to scream "Help! I can't swim!" but I couldn't even breathe. I willed myself to reach the side of the pool, thinking "will nobody help me?". I was almost at the side when the debutante herself shouted "He can't swim!" and only then did people help me out of the pool. It must've been only a few minutes, but it seemed like an eternity to me. Gasping for air, shivering and coughing, they scampered to get me a towel and a change of clothes.

I only found out later on that everyone thought I could swim.
"Damn it. I need to learn how to swim..." but I didn't. And so when accident #2 came around, I was still grossly unprepared...

READ PART 2 HERE: "If I let go, I'm going to drown!"


  1. Oh that must have been scary! I can't imagine how it feels like, being scared of water (since I live in Greece and water is...what you get!)

    Glad you can talk about it though and rationalise it :)

    Have a great day

  2. intrigued. nice start to the story, can't wait for part 2!

  3. That had to be scary. Glad to know you survived and we are not deprived of your wit.

  4. Hi! Reyjr,
    I read your stories in reverse order...hmmm..very interesting stories!
    Thanks, for sharing!

    Btw,I most definitely, will "heed" your advice from Part II...When ever I venture near water.

    Deedee ;-D

  5. @Marianna - it's water everywhere here too!

    @Brian - thanks! it's a TRUE STORY!

    @Dakota - haha, wot? lol.

    @Deedee - haha, it's ok to read them in reverse. :D

  6. OMG!I know that,although I know how to swim,it reminds me how we almost drowned by brother and I when we were kids.Our father was fighting to get us out of the water,the wind was so powerful,of course it wasn't a day to swim I know,lol,but we didn't go far but it was so powerful that we couldn't get out anymore.
    Ah shit!

    Have a nice day

  7. Scary stuff, but thanks for sharing it all!

  8. That's terrifying. You should take swimming lessons!

  9. wait, so what happened the second time? And how did you get into the pool the first time if you were just lounging?

    Scary story. Scarier still because you don't know how to swim. Silliness.

  10. Throwing someone into the water as a "prank" is one of the worst "practical" jokes imaginable. It's almost as brainless as lighting a match next to a gasoline pump just to see if anyone gets scared.

  11. Isn't it interesting how we spend the first 9 months of our life submerged in water but after we come out of the cave, it is totally foreign and we have to relearn? I could just feel your panic.

  12. Don't you love friends who try to be "funny" at your expense?!

  13. so have you learned how to swim yet? You should, swimming is fun, and wet.

  14. I'd hate to be scared of water. Sharks, yes, water, no.

  15. I feel your pain, I did eventually learn how to swim and my brother who could swim ebtter than all of us joined the Navy so he is always around water now and never gets seasick. Being in open water still freaks me out a little.

  16. Ha! I guess I have an acute form of hydrophobia. I've been bitten, as you put it. I don't shun the water, I rather not be in a pool, lake, ocean...Boats are fun though, if I have a life vest on.
    I'm glad your alive! You're a funny guy.

  17. Hi friend,
    You link has been done and check it here :

  18. @Candie Bracci - It's really scary! Glad to know we're both survivors!

    @Wings - ur welcome!

    @willow - lol! I haven't taken any, but I've taught myself!

    @Cuppa Jo - The second time is in another post!

    @The Silver Fox - well it would've been a little bit funny if I could actually!

    @Ronda Laveen - don't they have swimming lessons for babies?

    @tut-tut - hahaha! i LOVE them! lol.

    @Tom - yes I have! finally!

    @Kris - lol. scared of sharks, water not anymore!

    @Evening Light Writer - same here! I dnt think i can survive in open water.

    @Gabby - Thanks Gabby! I'm glad I'm alive too!

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