Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random: I've been on vacation mode since last week

Vacation Mode
I cannot for the respect of everything corporate continue like this...
Sure I have completed some tasks...
Sure I replied to some emails...
Sure I have not wasted my manhours on nothing...
Sure I'm still net positive on output vs input (haha, whatever)...

But damn, dude, my brain is already at the beach, receiving a relaxing massage by the shore, listening to the waves and soaking up the sun. My brain has been, since last week, off to Boracay or Puerto Galera or Palawan, begging my body to go and book a flight already! Please please please...

So I went and finalized a trip to Puerto Galera Beach in Mindoro this coming Labor Day long weekend! ...Excited much? I'll bring back photos. Haha.
Don't know yet where we will be staying, but I'm looking forward to relaxing and partying, maybe play with some fishies, go snorkeling, go dancing, swimming, whopee!

I accompanied a friend of mine to a vulcanizing shop to take a nail out of his tire. Turns out he had 2 tires that had nails in 'em, for a grand total of 4 holes. lol. He's been driving around with 4 freakin' holes in his tires. :p

While we're on the topic, I think vulcanizing shop mechanics are terribly underpaid.

10,000 blog hits!
I do believe I am semi-obsessive.
How many times do you check your blog daily just to see if someone left a comment? :p
Do you keep an excel spreadsheet of your daily blog hits? (By the way, I'm approaching 10,000 hits on this blog, and expecting it to reach 10k within the week! 10,000 hits, and MORE THAN HALF of that was just in the last 4 months!)

I just restarted blogging in January of this year, and from an average of 3 hits per day last year, I'm now up to 80+ hits per day. I know that's not a lot yet, but hey! Thanks to all the visitors.

OK, all for now. Off to dinner.


  1. 80 hits per day is a lot for me. i usually check my blog once a week, how about you?

  2. is it? i think 1000 per day is a lot. haha! (dream on reyjr...)

    i check oh... every few hours or so. :p haha!

  3. check mine 3 times a day. when i first got started 6 months ago i checked stats regularly, but have gotten away from it, b/c it was an obsession. if i produce quality post, people will come eventually.

  4. This is an interesting blog! lol I went to google to look up 'syzygy' before I saw that you already had an explanation here... I like your layout as well.

    I, too, just started blogging again just a few months ago...when I used to blog daily I actually was averaging 300 hits per day at the peak!

    I will be sure to visit your blog again...

  5. i think i get 2 a day on average. haha!

  6. officially in blogger for about nine months now. i check my blog and my blog rolls everyday, but as observed i do not usually post that much but i got unexpected daily average hits naman.

    we were in galera last year for 3days, stayed at the Apartelle de Francesca, highly recommended.:)

  7. @Brian - haha, im still in the first phase...
    @Mike - thanks Mike, see you around then!
    @chikletz - baka 2 unique visitors! :p im sure u get more than that.
    @fren - will look into it. thanks!!